5.28.13 6-7pm Robert Tindall on Challenges Facing Amazon Rainforest


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tindal rainforestRobert Tindall is the author of the book, “Shamanic Odyssey.” Robert is a professor of English, a classical guitarist, a world traveler, and a researcher of the shamanic experience. Raised in the San Francisco Bay area, Robert has lived deep in the Amazon and currently resides in Cusco, Peru.

Having the experience of living in three very different cultures, (Western American, urban Cusco, Peru, and deep in the rainforest) Robert has a unique perspective on the challenges facing the Amazon Rainforest.

We discuss these challenges and what can be done to stop the destruction of what has been called, “the lungs of the planet.”

Robert Tindall was our guest on April 30, 2013 talking about his new book, “Shamanic Odyssey.” You can listen to that interview, HERE.

For more information about the Amazon Rainforest, CLICK HERE.

For more information about Cusco, Peru, CLICK HERE.

This is a far out trip into the distant past and deep in the Amazon rainforest, with Robert Tindall as our Shamanic Odyssey guide!

Robert Tindall's two books, The Jaguar that Roams the Mind and Shamanic Odyssey, are available to purchase on Amazon, Here.

You can enjoy more of Robert's writing and recent or future events on his website, www.RoamingTheMind.com. Click the graphic below.

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