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Buck Adams-organic farmerFar Out radio interviews Marine Corps Vet, Buck Adams about his project to provide organic farming training for young veterans.

It is no secret that our returning vets are not being treated well. We are now losing more vets to suicide than we are in combat. The unemployment rate for vets is three times that of the general population. College tuition funds for vets is being cut and the dropout rate for vets that do go to collect is very high, as they are not used to the collegiate system of learning. This can not be tolerated.

Many vets are having a very hard time fitting back into society. After years of high stress and  very regimented living, “coming home” has unforeseen problems and challenges. Buck Adams has a constructive approach to help. Having grown up on a ranch and a chicken farm, Buck Adams already had a connection to farming. During Buck’s post-military years, he became interested in sustainability, hydroponics farming, and helping friends start businesses.

Veterans To Farmers started in 2011 and is based on the idea that the localization of food creates jobs. The Veterans To Farmers program brings in vets and trains them to become successful. Adams offers a nine to twelve month program, with on-the-job training, and a two year apprenticeship program that would then turn into a worker-owned co-op  concept.

Working in a greenhouse provides vets with an environment where they have to use their military-like, “thinking on their feet” problem solving skills. The greenhouse also serves an an oxygen rich, decompression sanctuary for the vets. Watching over and growing healthy, organic, nutrient-rich foods, learning a new trade, and providing for the local community is a healing experience for the vets, and a benefit to those they serve.

1-Buck-Adams-PhotoVeterans To Farmers, Turning Protectors Into Providers, is a program that needs to national, yet kept local, and independent. Buck Adams is a Vet with a mission and it is our pleasure to have him on the program.

Enjoy this inspiring, short overview of Buck Adam’s Veterans To Farmers project.

Buck Adams’ Veterans To Farmers website, HERE.

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