5.29.13 Mary Claybon on Course in Miracles and Life Balance


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Mary ClaybonFBOur guest is Mary Claybon, Life and Wellness Coach and Course in Miracles teacher.  Mary has been studying and teaching A Course in Miracles for over 25 years.

She has been a nurse, is a life and wellness coach, mother, and grandmother whose life and work are based on the principles of the Course and her spiritual philosophy of balance based on "The Middle Way."

She shares her balanced approach to life via her coaching, writing, blog, and live presentations.

Mary has been facilitating a bi-weekly Course group in Cincinnati since 2002. She enjoys sharing that she is here "only to be truly helpful."

Mary's background is nursing and health education. She has her Masters in Health Education and is a Professional Speaker.

She has experience as a yoga and fitness instructor, teaching meditation and stress management and teaching the Course in Miracles. She currently offers telephone and web based coaching on the needs around stress reduction, nutrition, fitness, health and balanced life concerns.

This from Mary's website :

Quote from the Course — "Seek not to change the world, but to change your mind about the world." Whether its your approach to health, how you communicate and relate to others, how you manage stress or your career-it all comes down to what you think about….

Mary's calls her Life and Wellness Coaching business, Promoting Health the Middle Way with Mary Claybon. And she defines the term middle way for us:

"The middle way is a Buddhist philosophy of balance. The Buddha learned he could not heal the world by leaving it. He learned to heal it by living in the world with compassion and detachment. My own experience has turned me from extremes to the realization that healing is in moderation and balance – not perfection."

In this program, Mary Claybon shares with us her amazing, balanced approach to life and life and wellness coaching as well as her passion for teaching the wisdom of A Course in Miracles.

Visit Mary's website to enjoy her blog articles about life and life balance, to learn about  her coaching services and to read more about the Course in Miracles, HERE.

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