5.30.13 Kristen Morelli, Founder of Perfect Supplements talks Organic Superfoods

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Perfect SupplementsOur guest is Kristen Morelli, someone who believes in the organic, green commitment to living on this planet. She believes in eating right and feeding her loved ones the best, healthiest meals she can. But she is a realist and knows the  nutrient deficiencies in many of the commonly available foods and so believes in the value of organic wholefood superfood supplements to provide optimum nutrition.

Kristen Morelli has very high standards and so decided to start her own superfood company.

Perfect Supplements is her family owned and operated company located in a rural town in New England. Kristen, her husband Paul and their dedicated employees are committed to the perfect health of body, mind and soul for their customers, employees and suppliers. They are passionate about protecting the environment and believe that reducing, re-using and recycling is key to keeping our planet healthy. It is their goal to provide sustainably-harvested and organic ingredients in all of their products and they proudly support  environmental protection with their actions.

In this program, Kristen shares how her company was started, the many benefits of organic superfood and the direction her very green business is taking here in the United States.

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ps-imageDisclosure. Scott and Karen Teeters of FarOutRadio.com are enthusiastic consumers of Perfect Supplements superfoods and are proud to announce that Perfect Supplements is a brand partner with FarOutRadio.com. When you purchase this fine product from our pages, you are purchasing a product that we wholeheartedly use and endorse.

With your purchase, you are also supporting the efforts of FarOutRadio to bring you informative programs that educate you and enhance your lives beyond the same old stuff you hear on mass media. 

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