5.31.13 Shaun Stephenson Talks. Author. Inspirational Speaker. Spiritual Life Coach

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Shaun Stephenson FBOur guest is Shaun Stephenson. In this program, Shaun  shares with us her amazing story of a young immigrant's desire to live the American dream.

Shaun's dream is fulfilled as she is an American Citizen now and so much more. With an entrepreneurial spirit and heart that generously touches your soul, she now shares with others her  authentic. loving way of being through her workshops, presentations, retreats and one on one coaching. I have attended many of Shaun's presentations and workshops and I always leave with a tear in my eye, insights and focus to take me even higher!

This is my Amazon review of Shaun Stephenson's heartwarming and inspirational memoir, Faith Vs Fate:  Ignite Your Inner Power and Live Your Life's Purpose

"Shaun Stephenson is a real hero and she tells her true hero's story in a way that so many people struggling with the meaning and purpose of their own lives will relate. She takes you on a tale of a young girl living in Guyana with the dream of one day living successfully in the United States to today where she has achieved her dream and is creating even more for herself and others. But it is all the trials and triumphs in between that will make your heart grow for Shaun.

Even though you may not be an immigrant who came to this country with a dream yourself, you will relate to this amazing story. We all have dreams but you will see in Shaun's story, it is how we react to all the daily obstacles and challenges that keep us true to the path.

I loved this book and could not put it down. And her story is not over. Shaun is now in her early mid life and a very successful Spiritual Coach and I believe as she touches people's lives that more inspiring books are in her. Just a wonderful first book, an amazing memoir that will not easily be forgotten. You will find yourself thinking about Shaun's life and wanting to emulate her unstoppable, loving efforts."

~Karen Teeters



I invite you join with us this program and listen in to meet a remarkable individual with an inspiring story and amazing gifts to share.

Visit Shaun Stephenson's website, Believe Your Dreams Coaching  to learn about  her workshops. presentations, retreats and coaching services, HERE.

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