5/12/14 Xaviant Haze-Is Artificial Intelligence a Threat to Humanity?


Xaviant Haze
Independent Investigator and Author of Suppressed History Books
Xaviant Haze
Remember “Skynet” from the Terminator film? It’s REAL!

A version of  SKYNET – a fictional self-aware robotic intelligence system that threatened to eradicate humanity in the Terminator, is likely a scientific reality and ready to wreak havoc.

Xaviant Haze is with us this program for a fascinating look into an area of technology that is not being hidden from us. It’s just not talked about much. Could “Skynet” as portrayed in the Terminator movies be close at hand and not just interesting science fiction?

How could that be?

skynetAdvances in computer technology, miniaturization, robotics, and cloud computing are quickly coming together. It is looking like computers are at the edge of being able to “think for themselves” plus have access to the combined knowledge of the entire Internet of Things. When this happens (and it’s not a matter of “if” but WHEN) how will the most brilliant mind of all of recorded history, perceive carbon-based, bipedal, limited thinking, consuming HUMANS? Will we be perceived as its “Creator” or as a NUISANCE?

Listen to this fascinating interview. And enjoy Xaviant’s detailed article HERE.

Xaviant Haze



Xaviant Haze is an American artist and researcher of earth’s ancient past. His interests in esoteric and mysterious works goes back to his early teen years when he was first exposed to the writing of Erich von Daniken. Xaviant has maintained a lifelong interest in the pyramids, the Bermuda Triangle, and the legends of Atlantis. Xaviant hosts one of the most complete online metaphysical libraries with links and resources to all major works in this field.

Preview of Xaviant Haze Aliens in Ancient Egypt book Here.