5/19/14 Conspiracy Researcher Alan Abbadessa-Green: Hope for Global State?

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May 19, 2014 – 7pm-to-8pm EST, our guest is…
Conspiracy Researcher, Author and Publisher:
Alan Abbadessa-Green

Does Alan's recent novel, Look at All the Happy Creatures create an Animal Farm like world that looks and feels incredibly like the  Global Power State of today?Join us for an incredible discussion with this talented researcher and novelist. Where are we now and what kind of hope is available?

Alan is with us this program for a lively conversation about his work, how he woke up to The Matrix, and his highest hopes for the readers and listeners of his writing and art.

***Archived/Recorded. Listen Here***

We have a new guest here on Far Out Radio. His name is Alan Abbadessa-Green. He’s an author, artist, and social/geopolitical commentator. Alan is part of a growing community of spiritual-political awakened young people. This is not a small deal. For those that are awake, it is glaringly obvious that we are living in very precarious times. And while people have been saying that for ages, it’s never been more true than today.

There is an economic depression going on that no one wants to talk about because few recognize what a depression looks like. It’s NOT a “black & white” experience, despite all those classic old photos of bread lines, soup kitchens, and “Grapes of Wrath” type images. Labor participation is the lowest it’s been since the ‘70s, and now even junk jobs in the retail sector are vanishing. We have a culture that is almost completely addicted to “optimism.” And the notion that if we focus our attention on what’s not right in our time will somehow create more of the experience is nothing but a New Age bypass.

No, powerful, invisible forces are at play and there is no one, single “solution.” A problem can not be solved without defining what it is. And as long as we still have Freedom of Speech, those who have awaken out of the Matrix of our modern world, have a spiritual obligation is speak up and let those that have ears hear and eyes see.

Alan Abbadessa-Green is awake and his a pretty good word smith. He’s authored three books, “The Sync Book – 26 Authors on Synchronicity, Myths, Magic, Media, and Mindscapes,” “The Sync Book 2 – 26 Essays on Synchronicity, Outer + Inner Space, Shadow + Light,” and his novel  “Look At All the Happy Creatures.” Plus, he’s working on his fourth book, titled, “Suicide Kings” due our sometime in 2014.

Alan is with us this program for a lively conversation about his work, how he woke up to The Matrix, and his highest hopes for the readers and listeners of his writing and art. His books are available at Amazon.com and “The Sync Book” and “All The Happy Creatures” are available in Kindle format. His website is, http://www.AllTheHappyCreatures.com. –Scott

About his book:

Happy Creatures"Sort of an updated Animal Farm, set in a Conspiratorial Future, intermixed with Psy-Phi, Pop-Culture, and an Exploration of Consciousness. Look At All The Happy Creatures is a modern fable set among the ashes of the fire presently burning all around us. It's a world where the global state rules with an iron fist and the television is its greatest weapon. Follow the trained animals that are forced to sing and dance for you, to entertain you and keep you subservient. As they struggle to make sense of life in a cage, they find love and friendship – and a determination to keep them – to be their strongest form of resistance.

The novel starts as an Orwellian fable then weaves in many popular conspiracy theories, mythological tales, Gnostic ideas, and more. This is a spiritual quest that finds gnosis even in the darkest aspects of nature and, in the end, finds itself balancing Paranoia with Pronoia.

About  Alan Abbadessa-Green:
Alan is the editor of The Sync Book and other titles from Sync Book Press, author of the novel Look At All The Happy Creatures and the blog of the same name. You can find some of his published work on Amazon.com and the Sync Book Press site.

He appears on many radio shows (Red Ice Radio 2013, Red Ice Radio 2011, Anthony Peake's Consciousness Hour, The Corbett Report, Mike Clelland's hidden experience, The Vinny Eastwood Show, Sky Blue Symposia, Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis, Time Monk Radio, Frater X's Middle Chamber, Truth Frequency, Cosmic Gnostic Radio, and many more) most of which are now collected his the audio archives.
There's also Sync Book Radio: Alan is a part of the weekly roundtable show Always Record and co-hosts the new show Synchronize.


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