5/2/14 Psychic Echo Bodine on the Heaven is For Real Experience


Basic RGBMetaphysical Teacher, Psychic Medium and What Happens When We Die Author:
Echo Bodine
According to Echo Bodine and many of the people who share their true life after- life stories,”Heaven is indeed real.”
We take a close look at the details and experiences after a soul removes itself from earth and the body. What happens during the soul’s journey? You will be astonished. And Echo agrees with what the young Colton Burpo (Heaven is For Real real life hero) shares about Heaven,”No one will hurt me here.”

Echo Bodine hopes this movie, Heaven is for Real will help to shift the consciousness about heaven and God. She states that It will undoubtedly spark many debates, and she is sure many people will chalk the whole thing up to a child’s imagination, which will be very unfortunate. People have a chance to open their minds and their hearts to the truths that are out there, and many people will choose to cling to their old, fearful beliefs and die afraid.

Read Echo Bodine’s review of the movie, Heaven is For Real, HERE.

About Echo Bodine:

Echo Bodine is a renowned spiritual healer, psychic and teacher.  Her previous books include The Gift, Echoes of the Soul, and A Still Small Voice. She lectures widely on intuition, spiritual healing, and life after death: co-hosts the bi-monthly online show Sisters for the Soul: and has a popular blog.

You may check out all her books on Amazon. Visit her website echobodine.com (her blog lives there too).