6.10.13 Elsie Kerns, Energy Intuitive and Wellness Educator on Releasing Unhealthy Energy

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Our guest is Elsie-Kerns-FB-72Author,  Energy Medicine Practitioner, Healer, and Teacher, Elsie Kerns. She’s a very accomplished, thoughtful, compassionate, and well educated person. Elsie is a Reiki Master and teacher, a graduate of The Barbara Brennan School of Light, an authorized Eden Energy Medicine Clinical Practitioner, and Eden Energy Medicine 101 and 102 instructor and author.

In 2011 Elsie published a delightful book titled, “12 Angels For Practical Daily Living” that includes a  FREE meditation mp3 12 Angels for Practical Daily Living is indeed very practical and very inspirational.  In these challenging times when everyday we are faced with overwhelm and stress about what is going on in the world and in our personal lives, we all need some grounded, joyful guidance.

That's what this book delivers.

It's not a history or hiearchy of angels. Elsie starts by sharing with us a story about the start of her inner knowing about joy and guidance when she was a young child. That gift has developed over the years and she offers her wisdom here in the form of personal light angels.

Here's a quote:

"The benefits of connecting with your angels for practical daily living will enable you to stay focused, experience lasting inner peace and provide the grace and guidance you need to move forward easily and confidently."

In this program, Elsie Kerns shares with us her amazing, practical guidance with the Angel of Intention, so important with all the drama in today's world.  Also, we look at  Archangel Michael and the Angel Medics to release negative and unhealthy energy and attachments from your energy field. Her passion is teaching and her goal is to empower clients with easy, effective and practical solutions.

Energy MedicineElsie has been formally trained in the following modalities:

  •  Reiki Levels I, II, & III
  •  Reiki Master and Teacher
  •  Certified Eden Energy Medicine Clinical Level Practitioner
  •  Authorized Eden Energy Medicine 101-102 Instructor
  •  Certified Energy Medicine for Women Instructor
  •  Emotional Freedom Technique™
  •  Brennan Healing Science Training
  •  Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction
  •  Hypnotherapy
  •  Diamond Heart Approach for Personal Development
  •  Founder of The South Jersey Holistic Association

Find out more about Elsie's sessions, webinars, presentations, and training sessions at her site, WellnessWithElsie.com.

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12 Angels by Elsie Kerns










elsie2Elsie  also offers three audio CD programs – “Wellness For Life,” “Reiki Video & Manual,” and “Reiki Level I & II,” plus two MP3 format meditation programs, “Begin Anew” and “Headaches & Migraines.” All available at, WellnessWithElsie.com.

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