6.14.13 Harry Hurst – The Simeone Museum, Classic Racing Sports Cars

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Harry-Hurst-FB-72When the topic of sports and Philadelphia come up, the four major teams are usually what people think of. But motorsports is another specialty that Philadelphia is becoming known for, thanks to Dr. Frederick Simeone’s world-class Simeone Automotive Museum. Harry Hurst, the public relations director for the museum will be our guest.

Located less than a mile from the Philadelphia International Airport, the Simeone Automotive Museum isn’t just a collection of sports cars and old cars. Sports cars for the street use are mostly tamed down versions of competition sports cars – race cars. The Simeone collection features vintage, all-out, purpose-build race cars, as well as the competition versions of various street sports cars.

But least you think this is just a static collection of cars on display. While the cars are indeed on display, what makes them so special is that all but a handful of the 60 or so cars in the collection can be gassed, oiled up and RUNNING in about 45-minutes of less. And if that’s not enough, once a month on a Saturday at 12-noon, Dr. Simeone hosts his Demonstration Days.

In addition to being a world-class neurosurgeon, Dr. Simeone is a sports car expert. Dr. Simeone pulls together four or five cars in a theme, then behind the museum in their three acre courtyard he explains why each car was special, its racing heritage, and then the car is fired up for a few laps!

Of course, these very valuable cars are not driven at high speed. But the audience gets to see the cars come alive, hear the throaty roar of the engines as the cars bark, growl, and sometimes BOOM from their exhaust pipes as one-by-one, each car does a half-dozen or so laps around the courtyard. After all the cars have completed a few laps, the doors and hoods of all the cars are opened and the crowd can get close, check out the details, and take pictures.

While their high speed glory days are behind them, these cars are still very much alive at the Simeone Automotive Museum. In 2011 the Simeone Foundation was awarded the Automotive Museum of the Year by the International Historic Motoring Awards in London.

If you are a car guy and you are in the greater Philadelphia or are visiting Philly, the Simeone Museum is a MUST VISIT. – Scott

Be sure to visit the Simeone Automotive Museum’s website at... http://simeonemuseum.org/

The museum offers memberships, the monthly Demonstration Days, and special events. Plus, the museum is available for private special events. Information, events schedule, directions, and contact info can be found on the website.



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