6.14.13 Matt Goldberg, A Baseball Tale- A Snowball’s Chance – Philly Fires Back!

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matt goldberg
In the world of sports, it is no secret that Philly sports fans can be a little, shall we say, “rowdy.” Or, are they just over the top enthusiastic? Either way, they can be colorful and unpredictable, such that sports writers and sports casters have often been equally as critical.

Humorist and sports writer Matt Goldberg is back with us this program. Matt is co-author of the book “A Snowball’s Chance: Philly Fires Back Against the National Media” with Joe Vallee, Ryan Downs, and Billy Vargus. Goldberg describes the book as, “a mix of humor, satire, and meat-and-potatoes details for the hardcore sports fan. A Snowball's Chance both defends and even celebrates a fan base that has been skewered way out of proportion to our occasional indiscretion. Supporting the perspectives of the authors is a marvelous cast of Philly sports icons who contributed their insights, including: local athletes who stayed in the area.”

Book-CoversSports is a year-round activity in the Philadelphia area. Between the Philadelphia Eagles, the Philadelphia 76ers, the Philadelphia Flyers, and the Philadelphia Phillies, the players, managers, coaches, and fans, there’s always something brewing.

“A Snowball’s Chance” is a mix of humor, satire, and hardcore details for hardcore Philly sports fans. The book is available on Amazon.com in either paperback or Kindle, HERE.

Matt Goldberg was our guest on February 26, 2013 to talk with us about his humor book of wordplay, “Wordapodia” – an encyclopedia of “real fake words” created as only Matt Goldberg can do. You can enjoy Matt’s previous visit HERE.

Be sure to visit Matt Goldberg's  website.

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