6.18.13 Ken Roseboro, editor/publisher of “The Organic & Non-GMO Report”, The Great GMO Experiment is On Us!!

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Ken RoseboroThere is a very big experiment going on today and most of us are unknowing participants. The experiment is not “official” and hence does not have a name, but it is here, none the less. The “experiment” is the introduction and heavy use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in our food system.

In the beginning, GMOs were sold as science’s answer to the problem of pest control and a way of increasing crop yields. It sounded great and since we love anything wrapped up in “technology,” few paid attention to GMOs as they developed. But along the way, there were ominous signs of trouble.

Cross pollination with non-GMO crops was one of the first seroius concerns. Then there was the seeds issue. Traditionally, farmers save seeds for the following year’s planting. But the seeds inside of the GMO plants are sterile, so farmers now have to buy increasingly more expensive seeds every year. Now it is looking like the nicotine type chemicals that are engineered into the GMOs to “control pests” are at the heart of the bee colony collapse. Remember, bees pollinate plants. No bees equals serious pollination problems. The nicotine that’s engineered into the GMOs not only kills the bad bugs, it’s killing the good bugs, the bees, that are so essential.

And we’re now only beginning to connect the dots between the growing number of vague, mysterious medical conditions people are suffering from and the presence of GMOs. As more data and reports come in and reveal the dark truth, it is looking like the genie is out of the bottle.

Ken Roseboro is the editor and publisher of “The Organic & Non-GMO Report” and “The Non-GMO Sourcebook.” Ken is our guest on Far Out Radio for the full two hours and we discuss the history of modern GMOs, the original promise of GMOs, what has been delivered to us, the health threat and what we can do to avoid GMOs if that is our choice.

It is our belief that ALL human beings have the inalienable right to choose what they eat.

Be sure to visit Ken Roseboro’ website at… http://www.Non-GMOReport.com

Ken Roseboro was featured in the film, "GMO OMG." Here's the trailer…

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