6.19.13 Kevin Johnson, The Simple Living EarthStar Primal Habitat

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Kevin Johnson FBComedian and actor Lilly Tomlin once joked, “The only trouble with running in the Rat Race is that even if you win, you’re still a rat!” Most westerners are familiar with the Rat Race because we’ve been IN the Rat Race to one degree or another and have also wanted to get OUT of the Rat Race from time-to-time.

But depending on your lifestyle and obligations, getting out can seem like the impossible dream. Many of us have also engaged in the question, “What is the point of all this and what’s my life about?”

Kevin and Donna Johnson have been there, done that. But they went beyond just the questioning of, “what is the point of running the rat race?” They chose to step off the hamster wheel and create a different life. Kevin and Donna’s objective was to lighten their footprint, build a lifestyle of voluntary simplicity with all the basic comforts, spend very little money, enjoy a biogenic diet, and a simple shelter.

The Johnson’s have created a very low overhead life that allows them the pleasure of pursuing what interests them in a relaxed manor, in a healthy, and positive way. They have all the time of the day to do what’s most important to them – gardening, reading and learning, playing music, organic cooking and baking bread, helping and inspiring others with their example, enjoying each other, their time, and their life.

Kevin and Donna are our guests. Listen as they share their fascinating story of how they created their unique version of paradise. How you create your vision is up to you. Be inspired and listen to how they became free Americans.

~ Scott

Be sure to visit Kevin and Donna’s website at… http://earthstar.newlibertyvillage.com/

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