6/19/14 More True Tales from Private Investigator, Leanne Jones

Leanne Jones What is life really like on a day to day basis for a private investigator? Ever wonder what you need to do to qualify to be an investigator? Leanne Jones, an author and private investigator who lives in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada visits again for more amazing tales and investigations. It is not everyday that you get to meet and talk with a real female private investigator. Leanne talks about her life, her interest in and experience with the private investigator field. Is her life like that of Honey West, the old TV private detective show with Anne Francis? Or how about the daring do on Charlie's Angels? Probably not but listen in to get the real scoop!

We get inside Leanne Jones inquisitive mind to see what motivates her. We also discuss her life as an author. Do not miss another intriguing interview from Host Scott Teeters of FarOutRadio.com! Catch Leanne Jones' books over at Amazon.com HERE. Her private investigator business website is www.detective-international.com.

Archived – Recorded. Listen Here.

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