Tim Swartz: Mad Scientists of the New World Order


Final Nail In Your Coffin: Morgellons, Red Mercury, Plagues Created by NWO  MAD SCIENTISTS with Tim Swartz. 6/29/15.

Tim Swartz is back with us this program. Tim Swartz's latest book, “The Final Nail In Your Coffin: Morgellons and Red Mercury “Plagues” Created in NWO (New World Order)  Labs of MAD SCIENTISTS”.

Morgellons is something straight out of a creepy ‘50s sci-fi movie or a H.P. Lovecraft novel, with a little Invasion of the Body Snatchers thrown in. It would be easy to dismiss were it not for the growing number of people that have this affliction, or I should say more accurately, INFESTATION.

Morgellons is NOT officially recognized as a genuine illness and is officially referred to as , “Delusional Parasitosis.” Now, that would be fine if there was zero evidence, but this is NOT the case. With growing numbers of people reporting very similar symptoms and very similar SAMPLES of fibers that they have pulled from their skin that look like nothing we’ve ever seen. Well, that’s a mystery.

We’re also going to get into the topic of Red Mercury, the alleged hyper powerful radioactive material that would just dandy for terrorists to get a hold of to be used in dirty bombs. Wikipedia says it’s just a hoax.

However beck in 2004 in the Science Section of The Guardian, Sam Cohen, the inventor of the neutron bomb says there’s strong evidence that the Russians are making large amounts of mercury antimony oxide, the intermediate – and equally elusive – compound from which red mercury is supposedly produced by placing it inside a nuclear reactor. "There's no doubt that they made a large amount of that stuff. I've talked to chemists who have analyzed it in East Germany," he says. "But what they did with it is a mystery."

So, what are we to believe? It is indeed difficult, but we can at least have an open conversation about it.

Tim's latest book, authored with Commander X, Sean Casteel, and Timothy Green Beckley is available at Amazon.com in print and Kindle format.

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