7 Ways Dogs and Cats Help Your Health from Liz Severino

Liz SeverinoFarOutRadio Program.  Listen Here. Our friend Dr. Elizabeth Severino, Animal Communicator and Holistic Practitioner, is one of our regular guests. This program, we continue our conversation about amazing dogs and cats that "assist" medical and health professionals. From dogs using their incredible noses to help doctors diagnose early stages of lung cancer to cats using their extraordinary sixth sense to predict patients that are likely to pass, there is no denying that dogs and cats can be indispensable to medical health practitioners. Dr. Liz and I talk about the remarkable ways this healing connection with dogs and cats is shared with human friends.

Elizabeth Severino is a well known and respected human and animal holisitc practitioner that has been communicating with animals to comfort and heal our furry friends and to comfort and heal their owners for over a quarter of a century. Please enjoy our interview as we talk about newly discovered skills that dogs and cats share to help their human friends get well and heal.

Join us for an insightful and informative discussion.

Be sure to visit Liz’s website portal at… www.wellness4allbeings.com.

Enjoy all of our FarOutRadio Interviews with Holistic Practitioner and Animal Communicator, Liz Severino, HERE. _

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