9/3/14 Von Braschler-Confessions of a Reluctant Ghost Hunter


Now on YouTube.  Joining us this program is a very intuitive spirit who is very aware of ghost entities. Von Braschler, author of Confessions of a Reluctant Ghost Hunter: A Cautionary Tale of Encounters with Malevolent Entities and Other Disembodied Spirits  talks about his other worldly, paranormal experiences and how he became a ghost hunter.

We discuss topics from his book such as a primer on ghost removal, practical lists of what to do and what to avoid when removing ghosts from a haunted building. He reveals how to identify what kind of spirit you are dealing with, whether it is safe to attempt removal, and how to approach the ghost and convince it to leave. He shares his own intense and sometimes hellish battles with unseen spirits and  he offers an impassioned plea of caution to those who try to contact ghosts and spirits purely for entertainment. Do not miss this one!!ghost hunter

About Von Braschler

Author and journalist Von Braschler is a writer on the subjects of time, human consciousness, and energy healing. Von has lectured and led workshops throughout the US and the UK, and served as a faculty member at Omega Institute for Holistic Studies in Rhinebeck, New York. Von is a former newspaper and magazine editor; he writes and leads workshops in the areas of consciousness development.

All of Von Braschler's books can be found on his Amazon Page. Go here.