9/5/14 Tim Swartz: Why is America Obsessed with Roadside Attractions?


Now  on Youtube. FarOutRadio is honored to present our regular and always popular guest, Tim Swartz, Independent Investigative Analyst, Paranormal Researcher and author of many books.

Earlier this week Tim was telling me about a topic he has been interested in since he was a kid. If you have ever gotten in a car with your folks to go on the family vacation when you were a kid, you know the feeling. "Mom, I want to see the world's largest alligator" or "Dad, let's stop at that restaurant with the giant man in front". We take a walk down memory lane with a a thrill-packed look at the weirdest, silliest, tackiest, and most amazing things in the country.

We discover a side of America that you never knew existed, one that is filled with enormous animals, bizarre museums, odd events, and oversized furniture. Why is America so obsessed  with these oddities?  You know!  Pack up the car, let's go!!

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About Tim Swartz:

Tim Swartz is a researcher and Emmy-Award winning television producer/videographer and has been tuned into this issue for nearly 20 years. The subject of secret governments, shadow governments, hidden agendas, conspiracies and the existence of the paranormal is complex and has a history that goes back thousands of years. Scott and Tim always explore what is not obvious in everyday observations!

Tim's book “Evil Agenda of the Secret Government” and others are available in paperback and Kindle on Amazon, HERE.

Sorting it all out, connecting the dots, and making sense of it all is not an easy or simple task but Tim has been at it for years!.

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