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Merrell Fankhausser UFO? Signals From Malibu

...  From Malibu, Surfer Rock’n Roll Meets Possible UFO Sounds, Merrell Fankhauser. Merrell Fankhauser's professional ...  As a child of the 1950s, Merrell was fascinated with UFOs, it's a subject that's always been with him. In the late 1960s ...

5/18/15 UFO and Alien Hoaxes with Tim Swartz

...  & researcher, Tim Swartz talks about UFO and Dead Alien Hoaxes, on Far Out Radio with Scott Teeters. Tim Swartz ...  future, and things that go BUMP in the night. At the UFO Conference in Mexico City on May 5, 2015, presenters promised "smoking ...

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