4/11/14 Bigfoot Researcher Eric Spinner on Animal Planet

April 11th 7-8pm eastern standard time. FarOutRadio Interviews Bigfoot Researcher, Eric Spinner Our guest is Bigfoot Researcher, Eric Spinner. This program Scott and EricĀ  look at recent Bigfoot hoaxes and the latest authorized research and expeditions that lead to true revelations about this ancient, mysterious creature. And they discuss Eric’s recent appearance on Animal Planet’s […]

Nutritionist, Eric Spinner On GMOs, What Can We REALLY Do About Them?

Listen to FarOutRadio Archived Program, Here. FREE, The issue of GMOs is finally getting HOT! Last October and November the California ballot initiative for GMO labeling got the attention of the nation. Big agra and companies such as Monsanto and Dupont successfully created enough confusion and fog around the issue of the simple labeling of […]

4.3.13 Eric Spinner on Change of Season & Natural Health Tips

Eric Spinner Shares Optimal Natural Health Practices for the Change of Season… Click Archived Show to Listen FREE, Anytime. Our guest is Eric Spinner, certified nutritionist, shiatsu practitioner and owner of Health Haven II Health Food store in beautiful Medford, New Jersey. There’s an old adage that goes, “Without your health, you have nothing.” While […]

Eric Spinner, Independent Bigfoot Researcher

Far Out Radio Program. It is another amazing Bigfoot program on FarOutRadio. Listen HERE. Our guest is Eric Spinner, Independent Bigfoot Researcher, certified nutritionist and owner of Health Haven II Health Food store in Medford, New Jersey. Sometimes Life dishes us neat little surprises! I had known Eric Spinner for almost 20 years before I learned […]