Merrell Fankhauser and the Land of Mu (Lemuria)

Merrell Fankhauser is an enduring cult figure rock musician who has enjoyed a long career going back to the sixties and seventies. He is always an entertaining guest here on Far Out Radio. Besides an amazing guitar playing career, he has led a life of many interests, one of which is the ancient story about […]

Merrell Fankhausser UFO? Signals From Malibu

Signals From Malibu, Surfer Rock’n Roll Meets Possible UFO Sounds, Merrell Fankhauser. Merrell Fankhauser's professional musician career goes all the way back to the days of Southern California Surf'n music in the early 1960s. As a child of the 1950s, Merrell was fascinated with UFOs, it's a subject that's always been with him. In the […]

Lemuria, The Land of MU, Legends From Maui Hawaii

Merrell Fankhauser is back with us this program to discuss his knowledge about ancient Lemuria, aka, The Land of Mu. Rock'n roll musician Merrell Fankhauser talked a little music, but more about the legend that inspired the name of his rock band, "MU."For about 15 years Merrell lived in Maui and he shared with us some of his […]