Robert Morningstar – Republican National Committee At War With Donald Trump

 The will of Republican voters verses the Donor Class and the Republican National Committee Dateline: 3-21-16: Back in the beginning of February when Robert was with us we talked about the Iowa Caucus, which was the first of 61 primary elections – that's one primary for each state and 11 territories. Iowa was supposed to […]

Robert Morningstar, Remembering American Hero & Astronaut Edgar Mitchell

The passing of Dr. Edgar Mitchell & this weeks 2016 presidential election BIG NEWS in Iowa this week! Dateline: 2.6.16: America lost a true hero yesterday. Captain Edgar Mitchell died Thursday in a Hospice in Lake Worth, Florida. Captain Mitchell was 85 years old and was the 6th man to walk on the Moon and […]

A Life-Long New Yorker’s Perspective on Donald Trump, Robert Morningstar

The 2016 Presidential Phenomenon Called Donald Trump. Dateline: 1.29.16 – On June 16, 2015 business tycoon and billionaire Donald J. Trump announced that he was running for president and he immediately set the media ON FIRE! Right out of the gate, he said he wants to secure our southern boarder because Mexico is not sending […]

Apparitions, Ghosts & Specter Experiences of Robert Morningstar

Dateline: 10.30.15 – Halloween, also known as All Hallow's Eve, is the day when the veil between the worlds of the Living and those who have passed thought the veil, is allegedly the thinnest. What does that mean? Well, hypothetically, if your intention is to communicate with the dead, this is the time when the […]

Science of Manipulation – Social Engineering of America Robert Morningstar & Jerrye Berre

Robert Morningstar & Jerrye Berre talk about the dark agenda of SOCIAL ENGINEERING of America, on Far Out Radio. Our "Media” defines our times. The Media should function like our culture’s "central nervous system" in that it is supposed to be telling us “how we are.” It sort’a-kind’a does, but mostly doesn’t. It feeds up […]