Tim Swartz, Ghost Phone Calls From the Other Side & Spirit Activity With Electronics, 11 27 15

Ghost Phone Calls & Spirit Interaction With Electronics Dateline: 11.27.15: When the telephone went mainstream in the late 1800s and the world was being wired for phone service, what most never expected was that sometimes – abet very rarely, people have experienced receiving a strange phone call that sounds like a dearly departed loved one […]

Admiral Byrd’s Mysterious Operation High-jump to Antartica with Tim Swartz

Author & researcher, Tim Swartz talks about Admiral Byrd’s strange Operation High-jump in Antarctica, on Far Out Radio. Topic: Admiral Byrd's Infamous "Operation Highjump" Was he really routed out by German flying discs? Admiral Byrd’s credentials were impeccable. He was a career Navy man, highly decorated (and we’ll get into that later because it and […]

Tim Swartz – Is Morgellons Disease An Alien ET Virus?

Morgellons Disease – One of the CREEPIEST conditions of our time. Listen Here. Our resident expert of high-strangenes, Tim Swartz is back with us this evening. We ALWAYS enjoy mind-melding with Tim because if there’s something strange & unusual, bizarre, over-the-top, terrestrial, extraterrestrial, inner-dimensional, from the past, present & future, in all dimensions across space […]

Tim Swartz: Mad Scientists of the New World Order

Final Nail In Your Coffin: Morgellons, Red Mercury, Plagues Created by NWO  MAD SCIENTISTS with Tim Swartz. 6/29/15. Tim Swartz is back with us this program. Tim Swartz's latest book, “The Final Nail In Your Coffin: Morgellons and Red Mercury “Plagues” Created in NWO (New World Order)  Labs of MAD SCIENTISTS”. Morgellons is something straight out of a […]

5/18/15 UFO and Alien Hoaxes with Tim Swartz

Author & researcher, Tim Swartz talks about UFO and Dead Alien Hoaxes, on Far Out Radio with Scott Teeters. Tim Swartz was back with us this program. Tim’s our resident researcher of all things strange & unusual, bizarre & over-the-top – terrestrial, & extraterrestrial, inner-dimensional, things from the past, present & future, and things that […]