Adventures in Conspiracy Research with Robert Morningstar Pt2


Listen HR 1 HERE.  HR 2.  Robert Morningstar FBRobert D. Morningstar joins us for a return visit on Far Out Radio. Robert is the co-editor of and is an investigative journalist. He is our guest for the full two hours this program. 

The term “conspiracy theory” is one of the all-time great misnomers of our time. The term conjures up images of bombastic, wild-eyed, wing nuts with a rabid passion for tilting at windmills. However, there is a community of conspiracy RESEARCHERS that are very grounded and serious. These are individuals that are brave enough to be willing to look deeply below the often superficial “official sources.” They are willing to go out on the skinny branches because that’s where “reality” is often hidden. Robert Morningstar is one such researcher.

As the co-editor of, Robert has his ear to the ground with all kinds of high strangeness. This program we plumb the depths of Robert’s encyclopedic mind in a free form conversation. No matter where the conversation flows, you find yourself saying, “Hmmm…”

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