1.22.13 – Kombucha Health Drink from Kombucha Expert, Hannah Crum


What’s so healthy about fermented sweet tea? Probiotics.

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Kombucha-101-FB-72Our guest is author and educator, Hannah Crum, aka, “The Kombucha Momma.” Kombucha is an ancient health drink from the Far East and Northern Russia. Simply explained, it is fermented sweet tea.

With the use of a strange and wonderful thing called a SCOBY, which is an anachronism for, “Symbiotic Colony Of Beneficial Yeast” – SCOBY, pronounced, “sko-bee.” The colony of beneficial yeast eats the sugar in the sweet tea and turns it into a cider-like drink that’s loaded with healthful probiotics!

Kombucha is very easy and fun to make. Once your brew vessel is setup (and there are many ways to do this), the SCOBY will keep making Kombucha in as little four to five days. Kombucha can even be flavored with fruits and spices, and naturally carbonated to a near soda pop level!

Hanna Crum is a nationally known Kombucha expert and talks with us about all things Kombucha and health benefits of fermented foods. With the widespread reports concerning lactose intolerance and celiac disorders, making your own Kombucha is not only fun to do, but it can be a part of your health routine.  

Hanna Crum’s Website:

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You can get a FREE copy of Hannah Crum’s “Secrets of Kombucha Tea” e-book by visiting her website and looking for the signup form on the top-right side of the website. Everything you’ll need to know is in Hannah’s “Secrets of Kombucha Tea” book.

KombuchaKamp.com is a one-stop-shop website for ALL of your Kombucha-making needs. I bought my first SCOBY and my Warming Mat that keeps the temperature of my brew vessel at just the right temp for year-around Kombucha brewing!

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