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Our guest Andrea Regal, Subtle Energy Therapist, takes us on a journey of personal transformation through multi dimensions.

When it comes to deep personal spiritual understandings, not everyone is ready to share universal thinking such as “Many names, One Spirit. Many paths, One Truth. Many thoughts, One Mind.” Andrea Regal, energy therapist, spiritual teacher and owner of the center, Healer's Universe is one of those people who has come to that understanding and is here to share that dynamic with anyone ready to listen with an open mind and willingness to grow from within.

Andrea with her over 27 yrs of counseling and teaching experience, the last 12 directly working with Subtle Energy and its psycho-spiritual underpinnings, shares with us and her clients a unique perspective and method of resolving everyday life challenges, a door to uncover your true emotional and spiritual self.

She incorporates Somatic Analysis, quantum physics principles, Shamanic healing traditions, Energetic Archetypes, Spiritual Truths, and Transpersonal Energy Therapy to bring her clients a sense of wholeness, health, peace and belonging to the community. The direct guidance taps into multi-dimensional sources enabling her to create sessions that are aimed toward accelerated personal, emotional and spiritual growth.

Her background includes a degree in clinical psychology, many years working in the allopathic medical ‘system’, studies of the Shaman’s way while living in Latin America, Reiki and the Healing Touch program, 3 yrs of Energy Medicine at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing and continuing studies in multidimensional energetics for human and planetary evolution with an international community of healers and therapists over the past 7 yrs.

This program, Andrea talks with us about her own personal journey of healing and spiritual awareness. We talk with her about her goals and mission with Healer's Universe involving balance and harmony for the mind body and soul, discovering the universe within. She believes in the oneness of all and the power of alchemy to reach within to discover your true self and the energy to enter other dimensions within your soul for true connectedness and spiritual understanding. Her deep understanding of ancient wisdoms is a true treasure.

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