Assassinations of John Kennedy & Lee Harvey Oswald, Social Engineering?


 Was the JFK and Oswald Assassinations part of a social engineering, mind control project AND a coup d'état?

Dateline: 11.23.15: Social engineering and mind control has become a high science. Its roots go back centuries but took a serious leap forward in sophistication and effectiveness after World War II, the implementation of the CIA, and the assassination of President Kennedy. Robert and I take a look-see at just some of the tools of control.

To further deepen your understanding, research "Project Mockingbird" "Project Blue beam" and "Project Artichoke". That should be plenty to get you started.

Then, if you are a Netflix subscriber, watch to documentary film in Netflix's Watch Instantly library titled, "The Man Nobody Knew: In Search of My Father CIA Spymaster William Colby."

When BIG THINGS hit the fan, be VERY CAREFUL as to what you accept as "truth" from the media.Scott