Attack on American History via Social Engineering w Robert Morningstar



Robert Morningstar & Jerrye Barre talk about social reengineering of American History, on Far Out Radio.

Our resident conspiracy scientist, Robert Morningstar is back for another visit this program. Robert’s guest to join in on the conversation is Jerrye Barre, a lifelong resident of New Orleans with family roots to the area that go back hundreds of years. Our topic is the social engineering scheme that is playing out to erase American history by using the senseless attack by Dylann Root against nine black member of a Charleston, South Carolina church.

Because Dylann posted images of himself holding a Confederate flag, the media has conned Americans into believing that the Confederate flag is a “symbol of hate” that needs to be removed from every part of America culture. 
Christians take note. Had Dylann been wearing a cross they’d be coming after your faith as a "symbol of hate." This is how social engineering works. They traumatize us, then while our hearts are breaking and we cry, they tell us what to believe… and the “programming” goes in fast and deep.
This conversation will continue on October 2, 2015.
At the first indication of this, we should all STOP, pull back, and ask, WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON?!
We’re supposed to be THINKING PEOPLE, let’s not be reacting SHEEPLE.
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