“Beyond the Bible Code” – New Book From Anita Meyer


Do the Torah Codes describe a real phenomenon by illustrating intelligent and divine design?

Ever since the publication of Michael Drosnin's 1998 book, “The Bible Code” there's been a flood of “code” books. If you go to Amazon and do a search for “the bible code” Amazon will dish up 1,890 results.

It shows that there's a hunger for a deeper understanding of scripture and a lot of people are researching and writing about topic. Anita Meyer is one of those researchers. Anita is a religious procurement specialist,

focused on finding strong evidences for God's existence. Her intention, is to bridge the gap between religion and science.

Anita's books are based on science and mathamatics, and she has applied her degree in Criminology to the understanding of the origins of the Bible and the Torah. – Scott


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