Bob Frissell, Author of Nothing In This Book Is True

Bob Listen Hour One HERE. Hour Two HERE. Our guest this program is author, researcher, teacher, spiritual seeker, and UFO researcher Bob Frissell. I tuned into Bob in 1996 when I discovered his stunning book, “Nothing In This Book Is True, But It’s Exactly How Things Are.” It is a rare thing when you find a book you can not put down. Frissell pulls together the elements of ancient history, who created us, UFOs, the Merkaba, the Melchizedeks, the secret government, the Hall of Records, Rebirthing, our Light Body, the Great Pyramid.

This program we delve more into UFOs through all eras of history. Where do these enigmas come from and what do they want with us? Bob Frisell has unique insights into this ancient mystery. Do not miss this interview!


Most likely, Bob Frissell’s books have only scratched the surface. But if you too have the itch to know who we really are, what Life is all about, and the true meaning of UFO and Alien visits, our two hour visit with Bob Frissell is the perfect place to start and will give you PLENTY to go, “Hmmm…” about.


Thinking Caps required! This is FAR OUT!

Be sure to visit Bob Frissell’s website at…


Recently Bob Frissell updated his book, "Nothing In This Book Is True…" for the book's 15th anniversary in paperback and Kindle, available HERE.






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