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Bob Frissell, our FarOutRadio metaphysical expert and  author of the best selling Nothing in This Book Is True, But It's Exactly How Things Are returns as our guest this program to reveal the amazing knowledge of the ancient Sumerian texts. Here is an excerpt from his book:

"The Sumerian civilization seemed to arise overnight with no evolution at all. The same is true for Egypt. Egyptian writing appeared one day in its most developed form and went downhill after that. All the ancient civilizations–Sumeria, Babylonia, Egypt, and so on–developed quickly and went downhill immediately.

In the ruins of Sumerian cities archaeologists have found tablets which depict the Solar System, listing the planets in their correct order. One even gives the distances between the planets. How did anyone know this? They also provide detailed records concerning the precession of the equinoxes. It has been calculated that the only way to discover the precession of the equinoxes is from observation, and that the minimum time of observation would have to have been 2,160 years. How did the Sumerians have this information, when, according to our way of thinking, there was no advanced civilization 2,160 years before them?"


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Most likely, Bob Frissell’s books have only scratched the surface. But if you too have the itch to know who we really are, what Life is all about, and the true meaning of UFO and Alien visits, our interviews with Bob Frissell are the perfect way to start and will give you PLENTY to go, “Hmmm…” about.

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About Bob Frissell

BOB FRISSELL, regular guest on FarOutRadio, is a master rebirther and teacher of thirty years, whose books are regarded as underground spiritual classics. In addition to Nothing in This Book Is True But It’s Exactly How Things Are, he is the author of Something in This Book Is True and You Are a Spiritual Being Having a Human Experience. His books are published in seventeen languages and are available in more than thirty countries.

Bob has been a featured speaker at The Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists in Bengalore India, the 4th Annual Symbiosis Gathering at Yosemite, The Prophets Conference in Tulum, and many New Living Expos. He has also appeared on numerous talk shows, including The Jeff Rense Program and Coast to Coast AM. He has presented his workshops throughout North America and Europe.

He was trained by Leonard Orr, the rebirthing pioneer, and by Drunvalo Melchizedek, the originator of the Mer-Ka-Ba and Unity Breath meditations. He gives private rebirthing sessions along with his two workshops: “The Breath of Life (Rebirthing and Emotional Healing)” and “The Flower of Life (Sacred Geometry and the Mer-Ka-Ba).” He lives in Sonoma, California, and can be contacted via his website,