Brian Patton – Happy Hour At Home With The Sexy Vegan


FB-Brian-Patton-Vegan-72Brian Patton, “The Sexy Vegan” is our guest for this program. The vegan diet is arguably one of the most controversial diets of our day. It’s considered extreme vegetarianism because it excludes all dairy products, meaning no eggs, cheese, yogurt, milk, cream, ice cream, and butter. The standard question usually is, “So, what are you supposed to eat?!?” His book, “The Sexy Vegan’s Happy Hour At Home” dishes up 20 meals that are easy to prepare. Listen HERE.

If you haven’t seen Brian Patton’s alter ego vegan cooking videos, you’re in for a treat. They’re funny, irreverent, and educational. Brian shows how varied and tasty vegan cooking can be.

Each dish also includes the appropriate libations (mixed alcoholic drinks) to go along with the preparation of his mini, at home “Happy Hour” evening dishes.

Interested in some vegan stromboli? Little Macs and sweet potato fries? Chile garlic bread? How about some green bean fries or vegan crab roll? Does Samosa Pizza or Rigatoni Poppers get your attention?

And The Sexy Vegan’s mixed drinks are appealing too! Wet your whistle with a Punchy Pineapple, or a Bloody Vulcan (it’s green, like Mr. Spock's Blood), or a Mangled Mango, or a Solid Gold?

Buy Brian's book, HERE.

Here’s the trailer for Brian Patton’s book, “The Sexy Vegan’s Happy Hour At Home” book…

Brian's style will definitely de-mystify your concepts of what vegan cooking is all about. You can keep up with Brian's work and videos at,

Hey Brian! We’ll all be right over! And we’re hungry, too!


Like hummus? Here’s a typical, irreverent installment of Brian Patton’s “Sexy Vegan” cooking videos…