FAR OUT RADIO Bumper Music as Chosen by Far Out Radio Host, Scott Teeters

Bumper Music.” What’s that, you’re wondering?

The term, “Bumper Music,” refers to the 45-second-to-one minute snippet of music that you hear at the beginning of each FarOutRadio program, just before each commercial break, just after each commercial break as the program continues, and at the end of the program.

Usually, the bumper music is just the beginning of a piece of music and sometimes a segment from the middle. Either way, there’s much more to each piece of Bumper Music than you hear on the program.

Since YouTube allows you to create Play Lists, we thought it would be fun to make available to our listeners each week's selection of Bumper Music.

Just click on the graphics below and you will be linked to the YouTube Play List.

Enjoy the tunes! – Scott


Bumpers for the week of 2-4-13 to 2-8-13



Bumpers for the week of 1-14-13 to 1-18-13



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