By The Pool – Mood Music by Jingle Punks – Far Out Radio Music Video


More Far Out Radio Mood Music – "By the Pool" by Jingle Punks!

After several years of inquiries about the music I use on my Far Out Radio program, I decided to make videos of the music we use from the YouTube library of ROYALITY-FREE music.

YouTube wants us to make videos, but Copyright infringement is an issue, so they make it easy for us. To access their Library of free music

and sound effects, go to your YouTube Channel home page, look over your banner for the link, “Video Manager” and CLICK.

On the left side there's the “CREATOR STUDIO” box, at the bottom of the list, look for the “CREATE” link and CLICK.

The Audio Library page will allow you to search the Library by Genre, Mood, Instrument, Duration, and Attribution. And there's a Search Box.

There's also a “Sound effects” tab with all kinds of goodies. The music and sound effects can be used for YouTube videos, personal use or commercial use outside of YouTube.

Have FUN!Scott