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This Is How The Elite Stay In Power. The World Needs To Know/Video


by  as republished from

Greed, poverty, inequality, environmental destruction, war… how do they, at the top of the hierarchy, pull it off? How can a system in which so few make the important decisions, be able to sit comfortably in their pile of wealth while the rest of the world goes to waste? How can a small group of men in suits be able to direct the current in which an entire human society moves?

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This Video Exposes The Lie We Live


as republished from   preface by Gregg Prescott, M.S.

I often ask people, “What would you be doing if there was no such thing as money?”  Some people will answer along the lines of, “That would be impossible to fathom” or look at me as if I’m crazy without realizing how trapped within the system that they have become.

Would the fry cook at McDonald’s still be making french fries if there was no such thing as money?  Probably not, but he or she might be doing something in the culinary arts field or in agriculture to help feed others.

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Mind the Matrix: the Movie Documentary, the Truth You Need

Watch the complete 2 hour movie on YouTube! From the Director, Christianne Wijk:

Our external reality is an expression of what we have collectively created together and we consider this to be REALITY.
Reality in this case means ‘OUR THOUGHTS REALISED’. So, yes, it is a form of reality indeed.

However, a lot of the realities we have created are not in harmony with our true being and planet earth. Western society is a slash and burn reality where what we take is not given back. This will eventually result in the exhaustion of resources of our planet.

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Merrell Fankhauser and the Land of Mu (Lemuria)


Merrell Fankhauser is an enduring cult figure rock musician who has enjoyed a long career going back to the sixties and seventies. He is always an entertaining guest here on Far Out Radio. Besides an amazing guitar playing career, he has led a life of many interests, one of which is the ancient story about Lemuria. His interest started in California and grew while living in Hawaii. What follows is an excerpt from his interview with MuzikMan about fifteen years ago. We invite you to listen to Merrell's interviews here on Far Out Radio where he shares more of his amazing life story. Go here.

MuzikMan: Your band, Mu got it's name from the Lost Continent, how did that come about? You also have had some experiences with UFOs?

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Dead Wise Men Sponsor Far Out Radio

Dead Wise Men Society

Hi, this is Scott Teeters, creator of Dead Wise Men Society Quote Art and host of the talk radio program, Far Out Radio. FarOutRadio now has a new sponsor!!

I have been a "creative" for a long time. I have worked as a draftsman, technical illustrator, and more recently as a writer, website and graphic designer and talk radio host. I attended Philadelphia College of Art for Illustration. For over 10 years I worked as a freelance commercial artist in the Philadelphia area.

From 1992 to 2001 I enjoyed working in the R&D Department of Tyco/Mattel Toys creating designs for the Tyco Radio Control, Tyco Electric HO Racing, and Mattel Matchbox lines of toys. I was a senior designer in the Preliminary Concepts & Design Group and product manager for Matchbox Direct Mail Collectibles.

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