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Drowning in a “Sea” of Business? -Welcome To Don’t Hurry Island

by Scott Teeters

I was reading a STUNNING Jon Rappoport article from July 8, 2013 titled, “Matrix: Who is Edward Snowden?”

John brilliantly stitches together the elements of the funding CIA and NSP, Snowden’s ASTONISHING and highly unlikely career, with the implications of a mega spying agency that I have never considered.

It’s a JAW DROPPER. At least it was to me a, WOW!!!

To read the article, go HERE.

But at the bottom of the article was the YouTube video below. I thought it was part of the article, so I clicked the play link. Since I don’t drink rum, I didn’t get that it’s a commercial for rum. However, it got my attention right away because as a huge ocean wave is about to roll over you, the voice over says what I’ve been aware of for over 10 years. It says, “You’re drowning. You’re literally drowning in a figurative sea of business.” Then there’s a tropical island and a very relaxed man dressed in white welcomes you to the Island of “Don’t Hurry.”

Here’s the commercial…

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A Typical UFO FireBall Sighting as reported by Robert Teeters

As submitted to and published on Peter Davenport's National UFO Reporting Center.

Sighting: Sunday, April 7, 2013
Time: 1:00 AM (approx.)
Location: West Marion County (nearest city Ocala), Florida.
Conditions: Warm, clear skies, stars, air still and no moon that I remember.

by Robert Teeters
Bob-Sighting-ArtI was sitting on the porch, which faces East, with my Chihuahua Jake on my lap having our ritual late night one on one time, when I looked up and to the SE I observed a fire engine red illuminated ball of light about the size of a large green pea, held at arm’s length, at about 40 degrees off the horizon. It first appeared to be stationary, but when I averted my eyes for a second and looked back it was moving to its right, my left, in a NW direction, almost over my house.

My observation lasted approximately 1 minute. My gut feeling is it was 200 to 300 feet in altitude and an air speed slower than an Ultra Lite aircraft, although, I have no way to really know. There was no air traffic observed at the time.

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Daydreaming About “The Cloud” by Scott Teeters

The Cloud: The Digital Equivalent of the Library of Alexandria?

by Scott Teeters

The-Cloud-GraphicFB400aThe other day I had to go to the Apple store to get a new mouse. While I was there I was looking at the iPads  (that is correct – I do not have one yet –  but I am a MAC lover – read on). They are indeed slick and sleek. It is an odd feeling that with such a small, light device, you have access to all the digitized information on the planet… IN YOUR HANDS. Very tempting to make the purchase.

But as I was looking at the built in features, I noticed that everything you create is stored “on the Cloud.”

“The Cloud” will become the largest collection of data on the planet and you need to realize if you have built your life around all your important information stored in The Cloud, you have created yourr own data file of your  life that can/will be looked over, used, bought and sold as a commodity, or even used AGAINST YOU, if needed.

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