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Marta Williams, Animal Communicator/ Author My Animal, My Self

Marta WilliamsFar Out Radio Program. We present to you another pets and wellness program for our pet loving listeners. Listen HERE. Join Marta Williams, animal communicator and author of the five star as reviewed on Amazon book, My Animal, My Self: A Breakthrough Way to Understand How You and Your Animal Reflect Each Other. If you are an animal and pet lover, you will love this interview and get even more insights into our amazing connectedness to our animal friends.

Marta Williams, in her amazing new book brings into focus an unexamined dynamic in our relationships with our animals: the idea that our animals are often our mirrors. Deeply and inextricably connected to us on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels, they can pick up and reflect back to us the issues and events of our lives.

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Loreen Playford, Your Dog’s Favorite Natural Food Chef

Loreen PlayfordFar Out Radio Program. We present to you another pets and wellness program for our pet loving listeners. Listen HERE. Join our pet chef for dogs only, Loreen Playford. She is the owner of K-9 Pet Chef: All Natural Recipes. We have emphasized here on FarOutRadio the importance of a natural food diet for people and pets and today we get into the specifics of what our dog friends need to eat to stay healthy and to thrive.

Loreen shares, "I have worked with many Veterinarians on the best nutrition for dogs, best probiotics/enzymes and much much more. And now I offer these natural, health oriented, fresh ingredient dog food recipes to my clients." So join us as we discuss what is really in those packaged pet foods and how to get the best natural food for your dog friend no matter what is ailing him!

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7 Ways Dogs and Cats Help Your Health from Liz Severino

Liz SeverinoFarOutRadio Program.  Listen Here. Our friend Dr. Elizabeth Severino, Animal Communicator and Holistic Practitioner, is one of our regular guests. This program, we continue our conversation about amazing dogs and cats that "assist" medical and health professionals. From dogs using their incredible noses to help doctors diagnose early stages of lung cancer to cats using their extraordinary sixth sense to predict patients that are likely to pass, there is no denying that dogs and cats can be indispensable to medical health practitioners. Dr. Liz and I talk about the remarkable ways this healing connection with dogs and cats is shared with human friends.

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Liz Severino on Sniff Sense, Dogs Sniff Out Disease

Elizabeth SeverinoFarOutRadio Program.  Listen HERE. Our friend Dr. Elizabeth Severino, Animal Communicator and Holistic Practitioner makes a return visit this program. We talk about the remarkable human to animal connection with this program's story.

Dogs aid man in many ways. They are seeing eye dogs, bomb sniffing dogs, companion animals. They sing, they dance, jump through hoops, entertain us on YouTube. Is dog still proving he is man's best friend with even more skills?

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Dr. Liz Severino: Are Animals “Non-Human Persons”?

FB-Liz-Animal-Rights-72Listen HERE. Our healer, teacher, animal rights activist friend Dr. Liz Severino is our guest again this program. Along with raising people’s consciousness, healing, and teaching, animal issues are of paramount importance for Liz. Recently, a powerful graphic went viral on the Internet. The graphic (seen to the right) addresses a major decision recently made by the government of India. To read the story, CLICK HERE. This is DEFINITELY a step in the right direction because it opens up the larger question, “What about the rest of the animals, AT LEAST, dogs, cats, and birds?"

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