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Media-Driven. Non-Stop, False-Flag, Staged Events, More SOCIAL ENGINEERING, Dr.Bernie Saurez

PROOF! The "Media" is driving the Social Engineering agenda

Datelione: 12.4.15: Dr. Bernie Suarez from is back with us for another visit.

Back in the mid 1950s the CIA launched, Operation Mockingbird, a plan cooked up by Cord Meyer and Alan Dulles. The objective of the project was to insert CIA assets into all mainstream media outlets – news, magazines, book publishing, movies and television programming. Where as movies, books, and magazines function as delivery systems for new ideas and concepts, the "news media" is the most "in our face" system of social engineering and control.

The good news is that fewer and fewer people are paying attention to the news media because they're too busy with all the other distractions inserted into modern life – social media, (fake) "reality TV",

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Bigger Than Life Holograms Via Project Blue Beam, Elvis, Jimmy Carter & Lincoln, Mary Joyce

Can we really trust anything we "see" today? Anything and everything could be a hologram!

Dateline: 3-4-16: Mary Joyce is back with us this evening. Mary's website, dishes up all sorts of interesting UFO and other “strange” things.

A few weeks ago, one of Mary's posts particularly got my attention. The title is, “Elvis Hologram – glimpse of what government might do.” In 2007, singer Celine Dion sang a duet with a life-size hologram of Elvis that was created using footage from the ending of his 1968 Comeback Special where he sang the song, “If I Can Dream.”

Holograms for entertainment purposes can be awesome. But WHAT ELSE could holograms be used for? Yes, we're talking about NASA's Project Blue Beam. Continue reading

Assassinations of John Kennedy & Lee Harvey Oswald, Social Engineering?

 Was the JFK and Oswald Assassinations part of a social engineering, mind control project AND a coup d'état?

Dateline: 11.23.15: Social engineering and mind control has become a high science. Its roots go back centuries but took a serious leap forward in sophistication and effectiveness after World War II, the implementation of the CIA, and the assassination of President Kennedy. Robert and I take a look-see at just some of the tools of control.

To further deepen your understanding, research "Project Mockingbird" "Project Blue beam" and "Project Artichoke". That should be plenty to get you started.

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Walter Bosley, The AMAZING 1800s Space Ship Art of Charles Dellschau

Walter Bosley was with us to talk about his latest book is titled, "Empire of the Wheel: The Nameless Ones"

Dateline: 12.18.15: Our guest for this program is Walter Bosley and he is one of the presenters at the 2015 SSP Conference being held in Austin, Texas on October 31 and November 1. Walter’s presentation will cover the pre-1947, Kenneth Arnold sightings and Roswell Incidents and go all the way back to the 1850s.

Financial backers have been interested in over the horizon technology, probably for ever. The early days of the Industrialists were no different. But what puts meat on the bones of the stories of the 1897 Aurora, Texas Airship Sightings is an intriguing set of technical drawings and illustrations that were found in a junk shop some years ago. The drawings were created by Charles Dellschau.

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Jay Dyer, The Secret Space Program: Not So Hidden In the Movies/TV

Reseacher Jay Dyer talks about the Secret Space Program "hidden" in movies such as the Bond films, on Far Out Radio!

Jay Dyer’s presentation for the 2015 Secret Space Program conference is, “Hollywood Predictive Programming & the Secret Space Agenda.”

Now, this is a fascinating thing to consider, so keep your mind open. Not just the Bond films, but other films often depict a super, mega-wealthy guy that has more money than God, his own islands, his own military, and his own space navy. We covered how "secret space programs" are often used as plot elements in films.

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