The Secret Destiny of America – Gloria Amendola

Has America's true destiny been occulted?

Gloria Amendola is back with us this evening. Gloria was with us a month ago and we talked about her “Mary Magdalene: Revelations from a First Century Avatar” Book series. It was a fascinating conversation and if you missed it, you can catch up by going to Far Out and look on the right side for the bright-colored “Far Out Radio, On YouTube” graphic, click through, and look on the left side for the Playlist tab, click and look for Gloria Amendola’s name, click, listen, and enjoy.

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Jim Marrs – Population Control: How Corporate Owners are Killing Us

We have a very special guest for you for this program. Author, conspiracy researcher, and lecturer Jim Marrs is with us. He has a new book that just came out about two months ago titled, “Population Control – How Corporate Owners Are Killing Us.” The book is available at in print and in Kindle formats. Understanding “how the world works” is an enormous undertaking. Jim Marrs has 13 books to his credit and there are literally hundreds of hours of audio and video recordings of conversations with Jim Marrs available in YouTube.

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FAKED JFK Autopsy X-Rays – Robert Morningstar & Dr. David Mantik 8-3-15

Dateline: 8.3.15 – Our resident conspiracy scientist, Robert Morningstar is back for another visit this evening. Robert and I have done many programs about the assassination of John F. Kennedy. We keep talking about JFK’s assassination because nothing of the official explanation adds up.

Joining us for this program is Robert Morningstar’s research friend, Dr. David Mantik, MD, Ph.D. Dr. Mantik is an oncologist, a cancer doctor, trained in the art of reading x-rays. Upon closer examination he discovered that the x-ray of President Kennedy’s skull had been altered in a darkroom!

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Pt 2 The Royal Arch of Enoch, The Impact of Masonic Ritual, Philosophy, and Symbolism

Robert W. Sullivan IV talks about his new book, “The Royal Arch of Enoch” with Scott Teeters, on Far Out Radio.

Topic: Part 2 of our conversation about Rob's book, "The Royal Arch of Enoch – The Impact of Masonic Ritual, Philosophy, and Symbolism.” How often do you get to hear a 32nd degree Mason talk about the Masonic symbology? Ahh, not many. And there was a time when in order to even hear about these kinds of things, you had to become a Mason. One of the Masonic slogans is, “To know one, ask one.”

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Underground Military Bases Hidden in North Carolina Mountains, Mary Joyce

Mary Joyce talks about her book, “Underground Military Bases Hidden in North Carolina Mountains” with Scott Teeters, on Far Out Radio.

Author and researcher,  Mary Joyce is back with us to talk about her latest book, “Underground Military Bases Hidden in North Carolina Mountains. ” Mary is the editor of the website, The tagline for the site is, “The Greater Cashiers Area May be the New UFO Hot Spot.”

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