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3 Simple Things Will Block The Damaging Effect of MSM News

Friday Night, Nov 14 on Far Out Radio…
Live from the rolling hills of South-Central Florida
Dr. Bernie Suarez, MD

These 3 Simple Things Will Block
The Damaging Effect of Mainstream Media
News In Your Life

Dees-Media-2Dr. Bernie Suarez from is back with us for another visit. Dr. Bernie’s dishes up info in an entertaining way that’s informative without beating you over the head with a bullhorn.

Back on October 24th Dr. Bernie Suarez wrote and published an essay posted at titled, “These 3 Simple Things Will Block The Damaging Effects of Mainstream Media News In Your Life.” You can read and enjoy the article HERE.

Bernie makes the distinction that “the media” has been around since the beginning of this nation and before that too, just in other forms. And so has The Alternative Media. Pamphlets used to be as powerful as today’s YouTube videos that “go viral.” Thomas Paine became one of the first superstars of the “alternate media” back on January 10, 1776 when he anonymously published his pamphlet “Common Sense.” If he was around in our times, he might have read his Common Sense message on YouTube, wearing an Anonymous mask.

The Matrix series of movies has made the expression, “The Red Pill? Or, the Blue Pill? a popular question for those of us who are trying to wake people up. Comedian George Carlin caustically said, “They call it The American Dream, because you have to be asleep to believe it.” And in 1948, George Orwell published his book, “1984”, which during the glow of the Post WW II era, must have seemed utterly ridiculous, but today, in retrospect, it is so frightenly accurate that you almost DON’T want to acknowledge it.

They-Live-ObeyThe Main Stream Media has indeed become Orwell’s “Ministry of Truth” in an age of “Orwell Speak” where nearly everything spoken is exactly the opposite of what it sounds like. Conspiracy researcher Jim Marrs sardonically said, “We’ve substituted the Swastika and Sieg Heil, for a Smiley Face and Have a Nice Day.” For a clear understanding of the “Science” of the modern media, look on the internet for the brilliant BBC series titled, “The Century of the Self.” This is an engaging history of modern public relations and propaganda.

There are many ways to break the spell of The Matrix. Last October when I read I Dr. Bernie Suarez’s media How-To essay, I wanted to have him on to share his “Three Simple Things Will Block The Damaging Effects of Mainstream Media News In Your Life.”

Here's why you CAN'T take the Media seriously…

At the top of Bernie’s website, he as a quote from Edmond Burke, the Irish statesman, House of Commons of Great Britain member from 1765 to 1780 and SUPPORTER of the American Revolution. Burke said, “All that is required for evil to prevail, is for good men to do nothing.” Scott

PS – If you missed the Live broadcast, here's the YouTube version, minus the commercials.

PSS – Below is the BBC program, "Century of the Self."

The Century of the self – 1of4 Happiness Machines by Gyrks_Attila

3 Ways to Block Damaging Effects of Mainstream Media News

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Source: October 24, 2014 Truth and art TV article Contributed by Bernie Suarez

Life is one huge psychological journey. This is what I believe. You are what you think you are. You control your journey and how much you actually enjoy it. You control how happy (or for that matter how sad and miserable) you will be because you control your own thoughts. Yes, you make decisions every day on what thoughts you will allow into you mind. You also make decisions about how you will approach things in your life including new information. The choice of personal attitude toward things, preconceived notions, and good or bad assumptions about the world around us is all within our reach and control. For this reason I want to discuss a bit about how your mind should operate when you come across mainstream media news.

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Members of US House of Representatives Are Israeli Dual Citizens-Need to Be Voted Out

American Israeli Flag



There is no other country in the world that allows members of its national government to be a citizen of two different nations at the same time, except the United States. The dual citizen status can only apply to citizens of Israel, and no other country. This change to US law was made possible by the subversion and betrayal of Jewish Supreme Court Justice Abe Fortas, a Johnson appointee, who later had to resign from the Supreme Court. This disastrous change to our immigration law MUST be changed back to no dual citizens allowed to participate in any government office. In the meantime, you have an opportunity to remove 29 of these Israeli fifth columnists from the House of Representatives on November 4. Do your part and VOTE on November 4 and vote these traitors out of congress.

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Shadow facts about shadow government-Tom Engelhardt

Tom Engelhardt keeps churning out great books by collecting his posts from His latest book, Shadow Government, is essential reading. Of the ten essays included, eight are on basically the same topic, resulting in some repetition and even some contradiction. But when things that need repeating are repeated this well, one mostly wants other people to read them – or perhaps to have them involuntarily spoken aloud by everybody’s iPhones.

by David Swanson 

We live in an age in which the most important facts are not seriously disputed and also not seriously known or responded to.

The United States’ biggest public program of the past 75 years, now outstripping the rest of the world combined, is war preparations.

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Why Are Ebola Healthcare Workers Wearing Hazmat Suits?


republished from   Activist Post

The World Health Organization is claiming that we are facing the most severe health crisis ever with the alleged Ebola outbreak in West Africa.

But since the WHO was caught inflating the Swine Flu pandemic to hoist experimental vaccines on the world, perhaps we should not just take them on their word without demanding evidence.

Here are 10 questions for the World Health Organization to answer about the Ebola outbreak in Africa:

1. You include "probable and suspected" cases of Ebola in your official African figures; what methods do you use to determine suspects and probables?

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