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Happy 77nd B-day To Racing Legend, Dave MacDonald

FB-MacDonald-72Listen HERE. Dave MacDonald was on course to become one of the great racecar drivers of his time before he was killed in a racing accident in 1964. To celebrate what would have been Dave MacDonald’s 77th birthday,

Sherry MacDonald (Dave’s wife), his son Rich, and daughter Vicki are our guests for a look back at the life and times of Dave MacDonald – Corvette racer, Corvette man, Family man.

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HollyWood Icons Paul Newman and Steve McQueen Loved to Race Sports Cars!

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Matt StoneIt’s a Friday Night Car Show, here at Far Out Radio! But for tonight, we’re going “Hollywood” with automotive journalist, Matt Stone. Matt will be on for the full two hours and we’ll be talking about his two books, “Winning – The Racing Life of Paul Newman” and “McQueen’s Machines – The Cars and Bikes of a Hollywood Icon,”  both published by Motorbooks and available at and

While Hollywood has had iconic stars since its beginnings, few are as associated with cars, racing, and speed as are Paul Newman and Steve McQueen. “The King of Cool,” Steve McQueen was a true rebel/bad boy and is on record saying that were it not for acting, he probably would have ended up in jail.

Fast cars and motorcycles were a lifelong passion for McQueen and his celebrity status and income allowed him to indulge in fast cars, motorcycles, regular cars, and knock around trucks – and LOTS of them. McQueen’s two “racing” films were “On Any Sunday” about off-road motorcycling, and the 1971 film, “Le Mans” filmed at the 1970 Le Mans race with McQueen doing his own driving.

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6.20.13 ReBroadcast- Historian, Pat Ganahl on hot rod artist, creator of Rat Fink, Ed “Big Daddy” Roth

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Rat-Fink-FB-72Our guest is Hot Rod historian Pat Ganahl. This show, Pat talks about his friend, hot rod, pop culture artist, and creator of the Rat Fink, Ed “Big Daddy” Roth. Pat was friends with Big Daddy and has a unique perspective on this most colorful of all hot rod artists.

Hot Rodding is a uniquely American form of motoring. Part speed machine, part old car, part drag racer, and part custom car. The delightfully quirky nature of the hobby naturally attracts delightfully quirky people. Ed Roth, aka, Ed “Big Daddy” Roth and the father of the infamous RAT FINK, was arguably one of hot rodding’s quirkiest characters.

Roth was a unique mix of rebel, car guy, car nut, visionary, sculptor, designer, and culture-creative artist. His cartoon character RAT FINK was his alter ego. Having grown up in the Los Angeles area, he was there for the explosion of Disneyland mania and had an immediate visceral hatred of Mickey Mouse.

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6.14.13 Harry Hurst – The Simeone Museum, Classic Racing Sports Cars

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Harry-Hurst-FB-72When the topic of sports and Philadelphia come up, the four major teams are usually what people think of. But motorsports is another specialty that Philadelphia is becoming known for, thanks to Dr. Frederick Simeone’s world-class Simeone Automotive Museum. Harry Hurst, the public relations director for the museum will be our guest.

Located less than a mile from the Philadelphia International Airport, the Simeone Automotive Museum isn’t just a collection of sports cars and old cars. Sports cars for the street use are mostly tamed down versions of competition sports cars – race cars. The Simeone collection features vintage, all-out, purpose-build race cars, as well as the competition versions of various street sports cars.

But least you think this is just a static collection of cars on display. While the cars are indeed on display, what makes them so special is that all but a handful of the 60 or so cars in the collection can be gassed, oiled up and RUNNING in about 45-minutes of less. And if that’s not enough, once a month on a Saturday at 12-noon, Dr. Simeone hosts his Demonstration Days.

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6.14.13 Matt Goldberg, A Baseball Tale- A Snowball’s Chance – Philly Fires Back!

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matt goldberg
In the world of sports, it is no secret that Philly sports fans can be a little, shall we say, “rowdy.” Or, are they just over the top enthusiastic? Either way, they can be colorful and unpredictable, such that sports writers and sports casters have often been equally as critical.

Humorist and sports writer Matt Goldberg is back with us this program. Matt is co-author of the book “A Snowball’s Chance: Philly Fires Back Against the National Media” with Joe Vallee, Ryan Downs, and Billy Vargus. Goldberg describes the book as, “a mix of humor, satire, and meat-and-potatoes details for the hardcore sports fan. A Snowball's Chance both defends and even celebrates a fan base that has been skewered way out of proportion to our occasional indiscretion. Supporting the perspectives of the authors is a marvelous cast of Philly sports icons who contributed their insights, including: local athletes who stayed in the area.”

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