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3.01.13 Kevin Mackay Reveals the Magic Behind His Historic Corvette Restoration Projects

Kevin Mackay, Corvette Generation 1, 2 and 3 Restoration King Discusses the Skill Behind the Creation of his One of a Kind Historic Corvette Restoration projects!!

by Scott Teeters, Corvette Historian and Artist, Far Out Radio Host

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Kevin-Mackay-FB-B-72It’s a  CAR SHOW on Far Out Radio! Early model Corvette restoration expert Kevin Mackay is our guest.. Kevin is the owner of Corvette Repair, in Valley Stream, New York, on Long Island. Click HERE for Kevin's site.

Kevin was on the program recently and shared with us how his career in Corvette restoration began. You can listen to that program HERE.

Because of the high quality of work that Kevin and his team of experts perform, Corvette Repair has had the opportunity and honor of restoring some of the most historic, one-of-a-kind Corvette show cars, customs, experimental cars, and racing cars.

The common denominator with all of these cars is that because many are non-production Corvettes or completely fabricated cars, each has a unique history that must first be clearly understood to make the restoration correct. Documentation is critical and oftentimes very difficult. Many of the cars Corvette Repair has restored are over 50 years old, were built by men who are no longer with us, and documentation was spotty.

Race cars are especially challenging because teams often did little documentation because they were too busy campaigning a race car and weren’t thinking about the “documentation details” of their cars for possible restoration work decades in the future. Kevin’s job regularly includes automotive forensics!

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Corvette Historian Scott Teeters – A Career In Car Art

Dateline: 2.22.13

Karen Teeters Chats with Far Out Radio Host, K. Scott Teeters, Corvette Artist and Corvette Historian, author of The Illustrated Corvette Series, in Vette magazine

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Excerpt from the interview:

Many of you know K. Scott Teeters as the renowned automotive artist who has written and illustrated  for car magazines for over thirty years. He is most loved for his amazing Corvette art and writing in the monthly feature The Illustrated Corvette Series as published in Vette magazine since 1997. Here is an up front and personal interview with Scott featuring all the questions Corvette enthusiasts have wanted to ask him over the years.

Far Out Radio (aka Karen Teeters) – I’ve known you for a long time and I know you’ve been drawing and writing about your love, Corvettes for years. When did your love affair with Corvettes start? Who was responsible for introducing you to the world of Corvettes? What was you initial response and why?

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2.15.13 Conversing with David Kimble, Author and Illustrator of New Corvette Racing Book

Author and Technical Illustrator, David Kimble Chats up his art, his new book, his love of Corvettes

by Scott Teeters

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David-KImble-FB-72Our guest is technical illustrator and author, David Kimble. David has a beautiful new book out titled, “Corvette Racing – The Complete Competition History from Sebring to Le Mans,” published by Motorbooks.

The Corvette is more than just a low-volume, 2-seater car from Chevrolet. Thanks to the extraordinary success of the C5-R and C6.R Corvette Racing Team, the Corvette has become General Motors’ flagship automobile. But it was not always this way. In the early years, there were many inside GM and Chevrolet that wanted to see the Corvette gone! And were it not for Zora Arkus-Duntov’s passion for racing, and his ability to excite and inspire others, the Corvette probably wouldn’t have survived the ‘60s.

While Duntov is known as The Godfather of the Corvette, the car’s racing success started out as a grass roots effort by regular guys that loved the Corvette’s good looks and the ability of performance Chevy engines to make LOTS of horsepower!

David Kimble has chronicled Corvette racing from its prehistoric days, as what was essentially a Chevy sedan, dressed up with a sexy fiberglass body and a hot rodded Chevy Stovebolt-Six engine, to a fire-breathing world class sports car that has won its class seven times in the last 12 years at the 24 Hours of Le Mans race. Yes, Chevy’s Corvette has beaten the worlds finest sports cars in the most grueling and prestigious of all road races in motorsports.

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2.1.2013 Corvette Restoration Expert Kevin Mackay Interviewed by Corvette Historian Scott Teeters

Kevin Mackay is the Corvette Generation 1, 2 and 3 Restoration King!

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Kevin-Mackay-FB-A-72Hello Corvette Fans! Our guest  is early generation Corvette restoration expert, Kevin Mackay. Kevin is the owner of CORVETTE REPAIR, in Valley Stream, New York (on Long Island), as well as an early model judge with NCRS – that’s the National Corvette Restoration Society.

Kevin and his team of specialists have had the honor of having brought back to life some of the most valuable, important Corvettes that ever existed – as well as the creation of some of the most unique automotive display pieces.

We talk to Kevin about his amazing career and creations – and to help this program come alive, Kevin and Scott  discuss many of the Great Corvette restoration projects listed below. So follow along!

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Scott Teeters Talks with Car Writer and Entrepreneur, Marty Schorr

Bench Racing With VETTE Magazine Founder, Marty Schorr

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Marty-Schorr-FB-72Our guest is author and automotive journalist, Marty Schorr. Marty is a “car guy’s, car guy.”

With over five decades of hands-on experience, behind the wheel and under the hood of some of the most amazing cars ever, plus capturing images with his camera and word-smithing the life and times of the American muscle car, Marty has a unique perspective.

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