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Muhammad Ali,, The Champ, The GREATEST, is gone and we are left with our memories and this amazing man

Al Satterwhite is back with us this evening.

Dateline: 6.7.16 Al is a master photographer and was with us last year to talk with us about his then-new photography art book titled, “Hunter S. Thompson, The Cozumel Diary.” Al’s master files of negatives are a virtual treasure trove of our times. He’s photographed SO MANY interesting people.

Since Al’s last visit, he’s found a bundle of gems that he’s making into another special, limited edition photography art book.
The subject is, the one and only, The Greatest, Muhammad Ali. So, for our younger listeners, you might be wondering, why was Muhammad Ali so important that a special limited edition book would be produced?

I was only 10 years old in 1964 when a young, brash, 1960 Olympic Gold Medal winner for boxing, named Cassius Clay, won the World Heavyweight Championship against ALL ODDS, defeating Sonny Liston (a frightfully tough boxer with the nickname, The Brown Bear)
It was stunning!

Cassius Clay had electrified professional heavyweight boxing like no one before or since. He was like the Elvis Presley of boxing – a man with genuine charisma. Continue reading



Far Out Radio Bumper Music

Over the last few years we have received many compliments on the bumper music we use on Far Out Radio. All of the tunes come from the “free to use” YouTube library of music. Now that we have an even dozen music videos in our Far Out Radio YouTube Channel “Bumper Music” Playlist, it's time to toot our horn!

Here's the latest tune, “Mellow Hipster.”

And here's the link for the Far Out Radio Bumper Music Playlist… https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLdLEP2ybFV13dR4ccvJChEMJOpv4xZAVQ

Many more to come! Enjoy!Scott



Bob Frissell & The BIG SCREEN Metaphysical Picture of Life, Pt. 2

Group Consciousness & The Procession of the Equinoxes

Our metaphysical pal, Bob Frissell is back for another installment of our ongoing converastion about The BIG SCREEN Metaphysical Picture of Life."

If you enjoy mind-bending, head scratching things to think about, ponder, and consider, the arena of metaphysics can really take you to some strange places. When Bob was last with us on February 12, 2016, we were talking about Life before and after enlightenment, and the slippery nature of Time as the foundation of our experience of Life.

Not only do our lives reflect our decisions, but we are part of a much longer story that stretches out way, way beyond the span of our individual lives. And just like our lives seems to have cycles, so does the Cosmos. Continue reading

Heather Callaghan, Health Trends of 2015

Heather Callaghan's passion is for natural health and wellness.

Her website, NaturalBlaze.com is warehouse of health and wellness news and information, not found in the mainstream media. Every day her newsletter delivers a fascinating assortment of information that you can use to feel better and have more vitality of life.

Thanks for watching! – Scott

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TIME SLIPS – Brief Shifts In the Space-Time Continuum

Experiences of popping in-and-out of different time periods!

Dateline: 3.25.16: About 3 years ago, Tim and I did two programs on the topic of Time Slips, the first was on March 20, 2013 and the second was on April 24, 2013. Paranormal experiences, by their nature, are UNNERVING, and not NORMAL. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines “paranormal” as, “Things not understandable in terms of known scientific laws and phenomena.”

And since we live in a science-based culture, we don't like things that science can't explain. Paranormal experiences include; ghosts and hauntings, poltergeists, possession, clairvoyance, clairaudience, psycometry, Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVPs), Spontaneous Human Combustion, ET visitation, UFO sightings, Time Slips, and a few others.

Unlike many paranormal experiences, Time Slips typically happen when someone is totally wide awake and engaged in the activities of their day. Then BAM! Within the blink of an eye

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Robert W. Sullivan, Cinema Symbolism: A Guide to Esoteric Imagery in Popular Movies

The hidden-in-plain-sight symbolism in modern motion pictures, you'll never watch a movie the same again!

Dateline: 2.22.16: Our resident 32nd Degree Mason, Robert W. Sullivan, the 4th was back with us. Even though Cinema Symbolism is 503 pages of rich detail, from the perspective of someone who has studied history, secret societies, philosophy, and religions, Rob had MORE material that he wasn't able to include in the book. So, you know what that means – a follow-up book – perhaps, “Son, of, Cinema Symbolism”? Well, I doubt it, but I do like that title.

Rob is still writing the followup, but there's plenty of material to cover in this “verbal sneak peak”. As I have said before, movies are THE major art form of our modern world, so, it’s a good thing to at least know what’s in your face when you are watching a movie.

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Leanne Jones’ NEW Book, Blood In The Cabin, REAL Unsolved Murder Mysteries

Leanne Jones' new book, “Blood In The Cabin: Real events and a revelation, a private investigator's files"

Dateline: 3.14.16 – Private investigator, Leanne Jones is back with us this evening. With over 30 years of field experience, Leanne has a unique, experiential understanding of the dark side of our society. If you enjoy murder mysteries and unsolved, cold cases, this is a story for you. Leanne was involved in two case in her native British Columbia early on in her career.

The victims were Julia Klachan and Cindy James. Both women were nurses. The cases were ten years apart, Julia was never found and Cindy was found dead a few weeks later, drugged and hog-tied.

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Robert Morningstar – Republican National Committee At War With Donald Trump

 The will of Republican voters verses the Donor Class and the Republican National Committee

Dateline: 3-21-16: Back in the beginning of February when Robert was with us we talked about the Iowa Caucus, which was the first of 61 primary elections – that's one primary for each state and 11 territories. Iowa was supposed to be where Donald J. Trump would fall flat on his face, but surprise, surprise, surprise! This is turning out to be the most exciting presidential race, arguably since the 1960 Kennedy-Nixon race.

The Donor Class is pouring hundreds of millions of dollars to defeat the current GOP front runner, Donald Trump. When Mr. Trump arrived last June and fired his opening salvo, I said, “Donald Trump will be the Great Wrecking Ball” and he has NOT let up. The Media is totallybesides themselves because he's not a traditional, mealy-mouthed, apologetic, politician. He's a plane-talking, straight shooter who says what he means and means what he says. And the Media and the Donor Class CAN'T STAND IT!

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Frank Joseph, Our Dolphin Ancestors, Keepers of Lost Knowledge & Healing Wisdom

Frank Joseph's new book, “Our Dolphin Ancestors: Keepers of Lost Knowledge and Healing Wisdom.”

Dateline: 3.7.16: Frank Joseph is back with us this evening. This is Franks 13th visit and we've talked about all kinds of fascinating, far out topics, including ancient history, the Coming Ice Age, World Wars I & II, Atlantis, the time BEFORE Atlantis, the Lost Colonies of Ancient America, and more.This time, we're going someplace that's entirely different.

Dolphins are arguably the most amazing animals on the planet and some of the smartest – perhaps THE smartest! There are countless “dolphin miracles” stories that are absolutely mind blowing. Many feel that dolphins and humans are related spiritually. People stranded in the ocean have

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