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The Lost Expedition of Sir Richard Francis Burton, Six Months in the Brazilian Jungle!

Sir Richard Francis Burton was a 19th century Man of Steel!

Sir Richard Francis Burton (March 19, 1821 – October 20, 1890) was a British explorer, geographer, , translator, writer, soldier, orientalist, cartographer, spy, linguist, poet, fencer, and diplomat. He was known for his travels and explorations in Asia, Africa and the Americas, as well as his extraordinary knowledge of languages and cultures. According to one count, he spoke 29 European, Asian and African languages.

Burton's best-known achievements include a well-documented journey to Mecca, in disguise, at a time when Europeans were forbidden access, on pain of death! He also wrote a translation of One Thousand and One Nights (commonly called The Arabian Nights in English); the publication of the Kama Sutra in English; and a journey with John Hanning Speke as the first Europeans to visit the Great Lakes of Africa in search of the source of the Nile.

Burton was a prolific author and wrote numerous books and scholarly articles about subjects including human behaviour, travel, falconry, fencing, and sexual practices.

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Red Haired Giants & Other High Strangeness in Wisconsin, Mary Sutherland

How "strange" is Wisconsin? Strange! VERY Strange!

We have a new guest for you this evening. Mary Sutherland is the author of the book, "Red Haired Giants" and researcher of all things strange and unusual in the Wisconsin area. It turns out that there's a lot more going on in Wisconsin than just the Green Bay Packers!

Wisconsin's got it all – UFOs, Bigfoot, Mothman, Dogman, ghosts, the Djinn (as in, Genies and their flying carpets), and Native American legends and myths that go all the way back to the time of Atlantis, and then some. If you have a passion for high strangeness, perhaps Wisconsin is the place for you!

"Giants" have been relegated to the topics of children's books, but this was not always so. Mary has researched (using an old fashioned public library!) old newspaper reports, some of which date back to the 1840s!

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Assassinations of John Kennedy & Lee Harvey Oswald, Social Engineering?

 Was the JFK and Oswald Assassinations part of a social engineering, mind control project AND a coup d'état?

Dateline: 11.23.15: Social engineering and mind control has become a high science. Its roots go back centuries but took a serious leap forward in sophistication and effectiveness after World War II, the implementation of the CIA, and the assassination of President Kennedy. Robert and I take a look-see at just some of the tools of control.

To further deepen your understanding, research "Project Mockingbird" "Project Blue beam" and "Project Artichoke". That should be plenty to get you started.

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Walter Bosley, The AMAZING 1800s Space Ship Art of Charles Dellschau

Walter Bosley was with us to talk about his latest book is titled, "Empire of the Wheel: The Nameless Ones"

Dateline: 12.18.15: Our guest for this program is Walter Bosley and he is one of the presenters at the 2015 SSP Conference being held in Austin, Texas on October 31 and November 1. Walter’s presentation will cover the pre-1947, Kenneth Arnold sightings and Roswell Incidents and go all the way back to the 1850s.

Financial backers have been interested in over the horizon technology, probably for ever. The early days of the Industrialists were no different. But what puts meat on the bones of the stories of the 1897 Aurora, Texas Airship Sightings is an intriguing set of technical drawings and illustrations that were found in a junk shop some years ago. The drawings were created by Charles Dellschau.

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The BIG SCREEN metaphysical Picture of Life, Bob Frissell

What is the big screen view of what we are doing here and the purpose of Life.

There is an expression int the metaphysical community concerning, what Life is like BEFORE and AFTER Enlightenment. The saying goes…

Before enlightenment, there is chopping wood and carrying water.
And after enlightenment, there is chopping wood and carrying water.

What are we to make of that statement? Even if your guardian angle, or guru, or, even Jesus was to give you "THE SECRET TO LIFE" and you BLISSED out for the evening, tomorrow would be another day. Then what?

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