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Robert Morningstar, Remembering American Hero & Astronaut Edgar Mitchell

The passing of Dr. Edgar Mitchell & this weeks 2016 presidential election BIG NEWS in Iowa this week!

Dateline: 2.6.16: America lost a true hero yesterday. Captain Edgar Mitchell died Thursday in a Hospice in Lake Worth, Florida. Captain Mitchell was 85 years old and was the 6th man to walk on the Moon and spent 9 hours on the surface! He was also the Lunar Module Pilot on Apollo 14.

Space.com had this to say about Edgar Mitchell…

Edgar Mitchell was one of the few astronauts at the time who had a doctorate degree. In the Navy, he not only flew planes but also gave advanced mathematics and navigational lessons to aviators who were astronaut candidates. After five years at NASA, Mitchell's knowledge of the lunar landing module got accolades from his peers, likely factoring in to the decision to put him on Apollo 14."

Robert shared with us some of his experiences with Dr. Mitchell.

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A Life-Long New Yorker’s Perspective on Donald Trump, Robert Morningstar

The 2016 Presidential Phenomenon Called Donald Trump.

Dateline: 1.29.16 – On June 16, 2015 business tycoon and billionaire Donald J. Trump announced that he was running for president and he immediately set the media ON FIRE! Right out of the gate, he said he wants to secure our southern boarder because Mexico is not sending us their best. Murders, rapists, and gang members are just WALKING IN. And the media has been chattering, whining, and carping ever since about Mr. Trump.

But when I listened to what Trump was saying, my immediate gut reaction was, “This man is telling the truth!” The more I listened and read I saw an honest candidate, because he is beholding to NO ONE! The last time we had a president that thought HE was the president was

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Maria D’Andrea’s New Book – Positively, Positive Spells, Vanquish Negativity In Your Life

Positively, Positive Spells

Dateline: 1-25-16: Our professional psychic friend, Maria D’Andrea is back with us this evening. It's been TOO LONG since we've spent some time with Maria. Maria is an author, Interfaith Minister, Psychic, and a European Shaman.

Maria has authored another book, the title is, “Maria D'Andrea's Positively Positive Spell Book.” The book is available at Amazon.com in print and Kindle formats. The paper version is just $19.95 and the Kindle version is $8.95. Here's the link… http://www.amazon.com/Maria-Andreas-P…

The topic of Spells is very misunderstood, thanks in large part

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“Beyond the Bible Code” – New Book From Anita Meyer

Do the Torah Codes describe a real phenomenon by illustrating intelligent and divine design?

Ever since the publication of Michael Drosnin's 1998 book, “The Bible Code” there's been a flood of “code” books. If you go to Amazon and do a search for “the bible code” Amazon will dish up 1,890 results.

It shows that there's a hunger for a deeper understanding of scripture and a lot of people are researching and writing about topic. Anita Meyer is one of those researchers. Anita is a religious procurement specialist,

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Giants In America, NOT LONG AGO, Jason Jarrell

Centuries ago, Native American indians had a serious problem – GIANTS!

Dateline: 9.11.15: Jason Jarrell and his wife are from Charleston, West Virginia and have been researching the ancient earth mounds in their area, looking evidence of a race of giants that lived along the east coast and south central part of the United States. Oral stories from the Native Americans tell us that the race of Giants that lived here was so onerous that the Indians decided that they had to go. Others say that, yes, the Native American killed off the Giants, but it was because of Native American agression.

Legitimate reports of the remains of giants go back to the early 1800's, and were reported in archaeological digs as recently as the 1960's. Typically, any "good stuff" is sent to The Smithsonian Institute, never the be seen again or even acknowledged.

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