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Janet Sitchin, Anunnaki Chronicles, Zechariah Sitchin’s Work Continues

Zechariah Sitchin's work continues thanks to his niece, Janet Sitchin

HOST NOTE: Up front I want to apologize to my guest, Janet Sitchin for consistently mispronouncing her and her uncle's last name. I was saying, “Stitchin” instead of “Sitchin.”

Dateline: 12.28.15 – If you have a passion for mysteries, there isn't a bigger mystery than our own history. Even if you only have a mild interest in hidden history, hidden technology, and inconvenient artifacts of ancient cultures that change the narrative of who we are and how we got here, you have no doubt heard of the work of Zechariah Sitchin.

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Dissecting Media Deceptions with Dr Bernie Suarez of Truth And Art TV

January 2016: Scott Teeters, host of Far Out Radio interviews researcher and social activist, Dr. Bernie Suarez.  Dr. Bernie Suarez from TruthAndArtTV.com is back with us for another visit. Dr. Bernie’s TruthAndArtTV.com points his readers and viewers in the direction of reality by exposing the machine of deception, lies, and grotesque distractions – known as the mainstream media.

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Dean Henderson Takes a Whack At The Global Oligarchy For 2016

January 2016: Scott Teeters, host of Far Out Radio interviews author and geopolitical analyst, Dean Henderson.Topic: Brief review of 2015 and what might be in store for 2016. Dean Henderson is back with us this program. Dean’s an independent geopolitical analyst. And it’s been TOO LONG since we talked with Dean to get an perspective of our beleaguered world, or as Dean says on his website, HendersonLeftHook.wordpress.com, “a Whack at the Global Oligarchy.”

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Jay Dyer, The Secret Space Program: Not So Hidden In the Movies/TV

Reseacher Jay Dyer talks about the Secret Space Program "hidden" in movies such as the Bond films, on Far Out Radio!

Jay Dyer’s presentation for the 2015 Secret Space Program conference is, “Hollywood Predictive Programming & the Secret Space Agenda.”

Now, this is a fascinating thing to consider, so keep your mind open. Not just the Bond films, but other films often depict a super, mega-wealthy guy that has more money than God, his own islands, his own military, and his own space navy. We covered how "secret space programs" are often used as plot elements in films.

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