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1.30.2013 Master Herbalist, Jeannie Francis on Natural Ways to Get and Stay Well

Far Out Radio Talks with Jeannie Francis on Holistic, Herbal Approaches to Well Being

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jeannie francisFBOur guest is Holistic Practitioner – Master Herbalist, Reflexology Therapist, Reiki Master and Master Gardener, Jeannie Francis. Since cold and flu season, along with wacky weather, is upon us, Jeannie talks about easy-to-follow ways to help stay healthy.

But in the mean time, it’s good to know what to do at the first sign of getting sick and how to start taking action. We  cover how to keep from getting sick and how to treat yourself and loved ones  and to possibly avoid those expensive doctor office visits.

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1.29.2013 Far Out Radio Talks with Physicist, Bob Schroeder to Solve the UFO Enigma

Robert Schroeder, Solving The UFO Enigma, Part 2

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Bob-Schroeder-Pt2-FB-72Bob Schroeder is making his second appearance with us. You can catch his first visit  HERE.

During his first visit, Bob talked about the math and physics around the UFO phenomenon. In this visit, he elaborates on many of the common characteristics of reported UFO sightings and close encounters. While not every sighting or encounter report  includes these experiences, there are numerous common occurrences that include:

  • A “light glow” around the craft.
  • “Portholes” along the sides of the craft.
  •  “Shimmering” around the craft.
  • Occasional “semi transparent appearance” of crafts.
  • Electro-mechanical machines that stop functioning.
  • “Stopped” clocks.
  •  The experiences of a “suspension of time perception.”
  •  Crafts that seem to just “blink out.”

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1.25.2013 South Jersey Winemaker, Louis Caracciolo Bests California and France

Amalthea Cellars Winery of Atco NJ Beats the Best of French and California Wines

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Caracciolo-FB-72When we think of “fine wine,” we usually think of wines from France or California’s Napa Valley. Mankind has been making wine for thousands of years. There are red and white wines, fruit and desert wines, expensive wines and cheap wines. For many, wine with a good meal is essential. And for “special occasions” only a good bottle of Californian or French wine will do.

Until now.

Yes, there’s a new kid on the block in the world of fine wines. Surprise, surprise, it’s Southern New Jersey! Master wine maker and food scientist, Louis Caracciolo, owner of Almalthea Cellars in Atco, New Jersey is FarOutRadio.com's guest.

It turns out that the soil and climate of Southern New Jersey can produce exceptionally high quality grapes needed to make wine. But the grape is only the beginning of the process.

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1.25.2013 Terri Anderson Candidly Shares Her UFO Sightings & Abduction Experiences

A Life Changing Encounter for Terri Anderson, an Average American from the Midwest

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Terri-Anderson-1-FB-72Our guest on FarOutRadio.com is Terri Anderson. Terri is an average American, happily living an American life in Kansas. She has a large, loving family of good, honest, hard working people. They are grounded, “sturdy American stock” type folks.

Up until the early ‘90s, the then  thirty-something Ms Anderson had no real interest in UFOs or anything that “goes bump in the night.” Then one day, while driving on a very busy three-lane each way highway to her Mom’s house, something low in the sky went over her car. Thinking at first that it was a small plane or helicopter, she was shocked to see that it was a silver disc… with a black military chopper struggling to pursue the craft! A quick look around at the other cars told Terri that others were seeing the same thing.

Thus began Terri’s unexpected journey into the world of UFOlogy. For many, UFOs are something that needs to be seen to believe. After having “seen” a craft, it’s no longer something that you “believe in,” its what you know to be true because you clearly saw what you saw. And for most of us, seeing a UFO would be enough to answer the question, “are UFOs real?”

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Scott Teeters Talks with Car Writer and Entrepreneur, Marty Schorr

Bench Racing With VETTE Magazine Founder, Marty Schorr

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Marty-Schorr-FB-72Our guest is author and automotive journalist, Marty Schorr. Marty is a “car guy’s, car guy.”

With over five decades of hands-on experience, behind the wheel and under the hood of some of the most amazing cars ever, plus capturing images with his camera and word-smithing the life and times of the American muscle car, Marty has a unique perspective.

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