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2.20.13 Far Out Guest is author Victoria Pendragon sharing her book Sleep Magic


Far Out Radio Talks with Victoria Pendragon  on techniques to use your dreams to reprogram your brain, experience healing and manifest your true self.

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Victoria-Pendragon-1-FB-72Victoria Pendragon is our guest  and we talk about her new book, “Sleep Magic: Surrendering To Success” published by Ozark Mountain Publishing in 2012.

Not only is Victoria an author of five books, she’s an artist, Reiki Master, Ordained Interfaith Minister, has an honorary Doctorate of Divinity, is a Feng Shui and Bach Flower Consultant, and she’s into weaving too!

We all sleep and dream. Most dreams are quickly forgotten and some claim that they do not dream at all (most likely they’re simply not remembering their dreams. “Lucid Dreaming” is the ability to be aware that you are in a dream. And then there is “dream work” where you deliberately use your dreams for problem solving, creating new things, and even healing.

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2.19.13 Mind-Bending Ways to Access Interstellar Travel from Physicist, Robert Schroeder


Robert Schroeder, Solving The UFO Enigma and the Impact of UFO Technology on the Human Race

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Bob Schroeder has been on several times. You can catch his previous visits HERE.

Bob-Schroeder-Pt3-FB-72One of the more mind-bending topics we weren’t able to cover in Bob’s last visit has to do with the “TeV Brane” (the 4D world we live in) the “Planck Brane” (or the Gravity Brane) and space in between called “The Bulk.” On page 203 of his book, “Solving The UFO Enigma” Bob writes, “The key to fast interstellar travel is gaining access to The Bulk. Craft from other civilizations that we call UFOs appear to have done that.”

Definition of brane from the Oxford Dictionary:

an extended object analogous to the strings of string theory but having any number of dimensions rather than one dimension.


1980s: short for membrane.

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2.15.13 Conversing with David Kimble, Author and Illustrator of New Corvette Racing Book


Author and Technical Illustrator, David Kimble Chats up his art, his new book, his love of Corvettes

by Scott Teeters

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David-KImble-FB-72Our guest is technical illustrator and author, David Kimble. David has a beautiful new book out titled, “Corvette Racing – The Complete Competition History from Sebring to Le Mans,” published by Motorbooks.

The Corvette is more than just a low-volume, 2-seater car from Chevrolet. Thanks to the extraordinary success of the C5-R and C6.R Corvette Racing Team, the Corvette has become General Motors’ flagship automobile. But it was not always this way. In the early years, there were many inside GM and Chevrolet that wanted to see the Corvette gone! And were it not for Zora Arkus-Duntov’s passion for racing, and his ability to excite and inspire others, the Corvette probably wouldn’t have survived the ‘60s.

While Duntov is known as The Godfather of the Corvette, the car’s racing success started out as a grass roots effort by regular guys that loved the Corvette’s good looks and the ability of performance Chevy engines to make LOTS of horsepower!

David Kimble has chronicled Corvette racing from its prehistoric days, as what was essentially a Chevy sedan, dressed up with a sexy fiberglass body and a hot rodded Chevy Stovebolt-Six engine, to a fire-breathing world class sports car that has won its class seven times in the last 12 years at the 24 Hours of Le Mans race. Yes, Chevy’s Corvette has beaten the worlds finest sports cars in the most grueling and prestigious of all road races in motorsports.

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2.14.13 Charge up Your Intuition Skills with Intuitive, Jeannie Francis


Far Out Radio Talks with Jeannie Francis on Techniques to Rev Up and Tune in to Your Intuitive Skills

by Karen Teeters

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jeannie francisFBHave you ever had that feeling in your gut about what to do even though it may have not been “conventional” wisdom? And then your rational side kicked in and you said to yourself, “Nahh, I need to do what everybody expects me to do!” Then you realize later that the outcome from your initial gut feeling would have been much more desirable? Maybe it is time for you and I to develop that  inner voice, that  intuition we have been ignoring and learn from  talented holistic practitioner and intuitive, Jeannie Francis.

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2.13.13 A Conversation With Visionary Artist, Alex Grey


Visionary Artist, Alex Grey talks about his unique philosophy about life and art and discusses his recent book, The Net of Being

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Alex-Grey-FB-72Our guest for this program is visionary artist and writer, Alex Grey. The terms “unique, original, and visionary” are often used adjectives that are often over used. But this is definitely NOT the case for Alex Grey’s work.

An Alex Grey art piece is like nothing else. Part technical-medical illustration, part psychedelic, and very mystical, there is NOTHING like his work. After two years at Columbus College of Art and Design, Alex dropped out to paint billboards for a year. It must have been a vagabond thing because Alex was soon back to school at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston where he met his wife Allyson.

As a couple, together they explored the inner realms of mysticism through the use of LSD, which one might believe explains Alex’s amazing  use of color in his art. Alex then spent five years at the Harvard Medical School working in the Anatomy Department, studying and preparing cadavers for dissection. This kind of true “hands on” experience prepared Alex for what would eventually become his signature style of “mind, body, and spirit” artwork.

His art is a blend of full-color, x-ray-like illustration and resembles Kirlian photography  that depicts the subtle energy field of Life that animates all living things. His series of 21 human full-size paintings called “Sacred Mirrors” put him on the map, and he hasn’t stopped since.

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