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4/30/14 Heather Callaghan, Food Freedom Activist-Toxic World Challenges

Heather Callaghan

April 30, 2014 – 7pm-to-8pm EST, our guest is…
Investigative Reporter and Food Freedom Activist
Heather Callaghan
Heather Reports on Food Freedoms & More.
GMOs, Vaccines, Pollution, Pesticides, Education. 

What can we do to raise our children in a healthy, non-toxic world?
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Food freedom activists are experienceing more and more success in efforts to be able to eat and grow safe foods, to breathe clean air, to be able to express themselves freely. Heather reports on these food freedom success stories and also gripping investigative reports where our health freedoms and more are still being challenged.

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Winter Seed Saving: Pumpkins and Squash by Jill Henderson

by Jill Henderson republished from ShowMeOz

winter-squashFBIn the Fall with holidays coming up fast, the last thing people might be thinking of is gardening, but the two go together like pumpkin pie and whipped cream.  In fact, if you grew your own pumpkins or squash this year and plan on using the sweet flesh to make delectable holiday treats, now is the perfect time for saving their seeds. Extracting and drying seeds from hard-shelled squash and pumpkins is fairly straightforward, however, you must first be sure that the seeds you save now will come true to type next year.

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Author Jill Henderson on Life in the Ozarks

Encore program. Listen HERE.  Jill-Henderson-FB-72Our guest is author Jill Henderson. Jill’s husband Dean was on the program recently  talking about his new book, “Stickin' It To The Matrix.” Dean and Jill are both very thoughtful people and they’re both writers.

Jill has authored three books and will  present an overview of her body of published work. Jill’s book titles include, “The Healing Power of Kitchen Herbs,” “The Garden Seed Saving Guide,” and “A Journey of Seasons.” Jill’s books are available on Amazon in print and Kindle form, as well as on the Henderson’s own websites listed  below.

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