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Living the Simple Life with Author Jill Henderson

Jill HendersonListen HERE.  Our guest is author and artist Jill Henderson. Jill has authored three books which include, “The Healing Power of Kitchen Herbs,” “The Garden Seed Saving Guide,” and “A Journey of Seasons.”

This program Jill chats about easy ways to save garden seeds and other valuable tips and approaches to living the simple life. Do you have the desire to create a natural, simple, frugal, healthy, rewarding life? Jill and her husband, well known investigative reporter and author Dean Henderson, are a wonderful example of living an abundant, sustainable life with very little.

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Ben Greene of The Farmery – Fresh Food on Every Corner!

Listen to Archived Program HERE. Ben Greene  Almost no matter where you live in America, you’re not far from a convenience store. The Southland Corporation popularized the concept over 50 years ago with their 7-11 Stores. Today, there are similar kinds of stores all over the nation.

Ben Greene, our guest this program,  has come up with an amazing concept. Since transportation in many cases adds a considerable amount to the retail price of food, why not grow and sell in the same place, and make it something that can be working year around, easy for consumers to access, and fun?

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Heather Callaghan – 12 Different Approaches to Mood Boosting

Heather CallaghanListen to HR 1 HERE.  HR 2.  Natural Health researcher and food activist, Heather Callaghan is our guest for the full two hours here at Far Out Radio. We discuss in depth her amazing research on “12 Different Approaches to Mood Boosting” and we cover other natural health topics Heather has exhaustively researched.

“Have a nice day!” Has become the mantra for our modern times. It seems that everyone wants everyone else to “have a nice day.” What an odd thing this is because there has never been a time when more westerners have been depressed and taking mood-altering drugs.

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Activist Anthony Gucciardi & Naturopath Dr. Edward F. Group

FB-Anthony-Gucciardi-72 Our guests this program are Anthony Gucciardi (Hr 1) and Dr. Edward F. Group (Hr 2) . With the issue of GMOs at the forefront of the news, Anthony and Dr. Group explain how we can gently, and efficiently detox from the effects of GMO foods. As we falter through these difficult times, one thing is obvious. It's that our health is up to us. A healthy body and mind is a natural body and mind. Listen HR 1 HERE. HR 2 HERE.

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Herbalist Jeannie Francis – Dr. James Still Herbal Doctor

Listen to  Archived Show on FarOutRadio FREE, HR 1

Listen to  Archived Show on FarOutRadio FREE, HR 2

Dr. StillThis is another trip into the past in the Far Out Radio Time Machine. Herbalist & Master Gardener, Jeannie Francis goes back nearly 200 years to the first half of the 1800s in rural Medford, New Jersey. She examines the amazing life of Dr. James Still.

James Still was born in 1812, the son of former slaves. A visit from the doctor at the age of three inspired him to want to become a doctor. Growing up, James only had three months of formal education in the 3 Rs – Read’n Write’n and 'Rithamitic (arithmetic). But if a person has a lofty dream, a vision that they carry in their hearts, and can READ, they can accomplish ANYTHING.

James Still’s life was astonishingly hard and filled with challenges and heartbreak. But the dream that he had at the age of three, of becoming an herbalist doctor never left him. This is an inspiring story of drive, determination, and spirit. James eventually became a doctor and in his later years was the third largest land holder in Medford Township, New Jersey.

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